How to Dress Like Nick Birch

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Short Sleeve Button Down
Blue Shirt
Military Belt
Blue Backpack
Colored Pants
Purple Converse Sneakers

Best Nick Birch Costume Guide

Nick Birch is trying to find himself on the Netflix animated show, Big Mouth, as a twelve-year-old boy living in the New York City suburbs, without being totally embarrassed all the time! Nick is the youngest (and smallest) of his friends, and they are all going through puberty at the same time. It’s incredibly horrifying, educational, and downright humiliating for Nick and his friends, but there’s nothing they can do about it. Get dressed up as the kid that is regularly made fun of with this Nick Birch costume guide.

Nick has a similar style like most teenage boys would with a Blue T-Shirt underneath a Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt, and a pair of maroon Colored Pants with a Military Belt. He also wears Purple Converse Sneakers and often carries around a Blue Backpack since he is twelve and goes to school!

Nick Birch Cosplay Costumes

Nick is too worried about everything else in his life to really be focused on his style choices, so that makes his costume quite easy to recreate with very little help! Take a look at the clothes in your own closet to find a short sleeve button down with a blue t-shirt to wear underneath. You may have to go to a thrift store for Nick’s maroon colored pants and military belt, or you can look online. Pick up a pair of purple Converse sneakers online as Nick wears. Any retail store is sure to have a similar blue backpack. Then, you officially have the adolescent look of Nick Birch from the Big Mouth series!

Thankfully, Nick isn’t going on this journey to adulthood alone and you shouldn’t be alone dressed up in your cosplay costume either! Grab a few friends to tag along dressed as Nick’s friends Andrew, Jessi, and Jay. Now that everyone is all together, send a group selfie of your costumes to show off in the Big Mouth costume gallery!

Nick Birch Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the hilariously awkward and relatable world of “Big Mouth” with our costume guide FAQ for Nick Birch, one of the show’s main characters. Nick’s style is that of an average middle schooler, reflecting his age and the everyday challenges of adolescence depicted in the series. This guide will help you capture Nick’s simple yet iconic look, perfect for fans of the animated series looking to embody his character.

Nick Birch's outfit is straightforward and typical of a young teenager. It consists of a light blue short-sleeved polo shirt, beige shorts, and white sneakers with dark laces. His attire is casual and comfortable, fitting his character's everyday life as a middle school student.

Nick Birch has a unique hairstyle characterized by its large, rounded, and somewhat unruly nature. His hair is a dark brown color. If your hair isn't similar, consider using a wig that you can style to achieve the voluminous and rounded look that is signature to Nick's character in the show.

Essential accessories for a Nick Birch costume include a simple wristwatch, which is a common accessory for a character his age. Additionally, carrying items like a backpack or school books can add to the authenticity of the costume, emphasizing Nick's role as a middle school student.

To portray Nick Birch accurately, focus on his awkward yet earnest demeanor. He often has an optimistic and naive outlook on life, so embodying this through a cheerful and sometimes clueless expression can help capture his character. Also, consider mimicking his distinctive voice if you're familiar with the show.

Including quotes from Nick Birch can add an extra layer of fun to your portrayal. Some of his memorable lines from the show include: "I'm going through changes.," "It's so hard to be 12 years old.," "Everything's embarrassing. Everything is so embarrassing!" and "Why is everything so confusing?." These quotes reflect Nick's experiences as he navigates the challenges of puberty and adolescence, making them perfect for bringing the character to life in your cosplay.

About Nick Birch

Nick Birch is hitting the stage in his life that most people look back on and shudder to think about with horrible memories. Yep, puberty. His character is based on the real life of Nick Kroll, who happens to be the person who voices Nick Birch’s character! Nick goes through his twelve-year-old life navigating school and girls with his best friend Andrew and a few others who are going through the same experiences.

As Nick and Andrew are learning about themselves and their own bodies in the Netflix animated show, Big Mouth, they start to realize that everyone else, including all the girls, are going through the same thing! Nick even has the Hormone Monster that appears from time to time to add another little piece of puberty into the mix when he thought there couldn’t be anything else for him to possibly learn about! We can all look back as we watch Nick Birch and be happy that we survived through puberty and made it to adulthood!

Nick Birch

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