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Ness Costume Guide
Vintage Ness Style Snapback Cap
Vintage Top Handle Backpack
Rugby Stripe T-Shirt
Cushioned Crew Socks
Plastic Baseball Bat
Levi's Men's 550 Short
Vans Authentic Skate Shoe

Best Ness Costume Guide

Dress like Ness, the world defender from aliens and the young leader of the crew from EarthBound. You don’t have to have psychic powers like Ness to figure out how to recreate his look. You can find the complete cosplay guide here! Show off your costume in style just like Ness does when he’s saving the world! Bring Ness out of the video gaming world and into real life by dressing as his unforgettable character from the hit video game Earthbound.

Be prepared to fight off zombies and aliens with a Vintage Ness Style Snapback Cap, a Leather Top Handle Backpack, a Rugby Stripe V-Neck T-Shirt, Cushioned Crew Socks, Levi’s Men’s 550 Shorts, and Vans Authentic Skate Shoes. Ness’ look won’t be complete without the Plastic Baseball Bat that Ness is sure to always have at his side.

Ness Cosplay Costumes

If you are looking for a new costume idea for cosplay, then you have found the best place for easy and cheap costume guides. This guide shows the best pieces for you to recreate Ness’s costume from your favorite video game EarthBound. Most of the pieces from this costume you can find laying around in your home, so it will be a quick and easy costume for you to create for your next cosplay event!

Grab a red baseball cap you have lying around and a striped yellow shirt to get Ness’s basic look. The other important accessory that Ness carries around is a baseball bat, which is easy to come across if you don’t already have one. Grab a couple of your friends to dress as the rest of the crew including Paula, Jeff Andonuts, and Poo. You could also bring along someone to dress as Ness’s enemy, Giygas. You’ll have an entire crew ready for cosplay! For more ideas, check out the photo gallery of Ness fans who recreated his costume. Send pics when you and your friends dress as Ness and his crew!

About Ness

Ness is the main character from the video game EarthBound. Ness and his three friends are known to be the saviors of the universe from aliens in a prophecy in the beginning of the game. Ness has psychic powers and is obsessed with baseball. In the game, Ness uses baseball bats as his weapons and is always sporting a baseball cap. Ness faces many obstacles, enemies, and communicates telepathically with his friends in attempts to save the world.

With the help of his friends, Ness fights aliens, zombies, and the all-mighty Giygas. Giygas has become so strong that Ness and his friends cannot even harm him with their attacks. One of Ness’s friends prays for help in defeating Giygas, and suddenly all the friends they’ve made along the way in their journey appear. Ness and his friends defeat Giygas with the strength of friendship and loyalty. Ness ultimately learns the true value of friendship and saves the world from the evil Giygas.


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