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Best Nero Costume Guide

Nero is a demon hunter from the video game Devil May Cry. He started as a Holy Knight in the Order of the Sword and eventually joined the Devil May Cry team. Although he works with the Order, he doesn’t believe in their religion and generally rebels against their rules. Nero is high strung and takes his job very seriously. Some may call him antisocial, but he takes time to warm up to people.

Nero is a hybrid, which means he has a demonic heritage. Being hybrid gives him abilities that assist him in battle, not that he needs it. He often carries with him a gun but is also skilled with a sword. If you want to fight some demons as Nero, you will need to dress up in a Nero Costume which includes a Grey T-Shirt, Burgundy Knit Sweater, Short Hair Wig, Right-Hand Glove, Tactical Boots, and Blue Rose Revolver.

Nero Cosplay Costumes

Characters from video games like Devil May Cry are an enjoyable challenge for cosplayers as these video game characters are known for having quite a bit of detail in their costumes. Nero is a great character to dress like for new and old cosplayers alike. Nero’s outfit can be simplified, but still, have the same impact if you want a simple dress in a simple outfit. As long as you have dark pants, boots, and a long coat, you have nearly everything needed to be Nero! If you want to add more details, you could add a couple of weapons, a few straps to hold his gear and a robotic arm. There are many ways to make this costume your own, so get creative!

Why not get some friends involved in a Devil May Cry cosplay? Your friends could accompany you dressed as other characters from the popular video game like Dante, Kyrie, Vergil, Credo, or Nico. Your group, dressed up in their Devil May Cry gear, will be ready for any demons that may try to come your way!

Nero Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the thrilling and supernatural world of “Devil May Cry 5” with our costume guide FAQ for Nero, the brash and powerful young demon hunter. Known for his rebellious spirit and cutting-edge style, Nero’s attire is a blend of functionality and edgy fashion, perfect for portraying this dynamic character from the acclaimed video game series.

Nero's outfit in "Devil May Cry 5" is a modern and stylish ensemble that reflects his youthful energy and combat prowess. It includes a blue, hooded trench coat with a red inner lining and detailed with buckles and straps. Underneath the coat, he wears a black, slim-fit shirt. His look is completed with dark, distressed jeans and combat boots. Notably, Nero has a distinctive mechanical arm, known as the Devil Breaker, which is a key element of his character in the game.

Nero sports short, white hair, typically styled in a messy, spiked manner. To achieve this look, a white wig styled with hair gel or wax can be used if your hair isn't similar. Nero's youthful and determined expression, along with a few scars, notably one across his nose, are part of his rugged charm.

Nero wears practical and sturdy black combat boots. These boots are part of his demon hunter attire, providing both comfort and functionality for intense battles.

The most critical accessory for a Nero cosplay is his mechanical arm, the Devil Breaker. This prosthetic arm can be recreated using materials like foam, plastic, or 3D printing for a more detailed and realistic look. Additionally, Nero's sword, the Red Queen, and his gun, the Blue Rose, are significant props that can add to the authenticity of the costume.

Nero is known for his rebellious attitude and confidence. Some memorable quotes include: "I've got all the power I need, right here." and "Sorry, Dante. The demon-killing badass is back in town." Emulating Nero's confident and somewhat cocky demeanor, along with his dynamic combat poses, can bring your costume to life. Nero is a character who combines agility and brute force, making him an exciting and charismatic figure to portray.

About Nero

Johnny Yong Bosch voices Nero in the video game Devil May Cry 5. He was initially seen in the fourth game and later incorporated into the main story in the fifth installment. After demons attack Fortuna, Nero manages to kill them all escaping with just mild injuries to Kyrie and himself. He later finds that his injury has transformed into a demonic power, but must keep it secret. Over time he learns to embrace its powers and uses its abilities in battle.

He serves on the Order of the Sword but ironically doesn’t believe in the religion. However, he still participates from time to time in their practices out of respect for his friends. Nero’s cocky and rebellious nature can sometimes land him in trouble, but he works hard to defeat the evil in their world. He may not be completely open about his feelings, but he would do anything to protect the ones he loves.


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