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Negative Man is a superhero character created by Bob Haney, Arnold Drake, and Bruno Premiani for DC Comics. He made his first appearance on a 1963 issue of the old DC comic book series My Greatest Adventure. The original Negative Man, Larry Trainor, is a founding member of the Doom Patrol, another supergroup. Other founding members are Elasti-Girl, Robotman, and The Chief. Larry Trainor becomes Negative Man when he accidentally gets exposed to a radioactive field while piloting a plane. His unusual superpower is that he is able to release a negatively charged energy being from his body. Get the look of the atypical superhero with this Negative Man costume guide.

Look positively good-looking in this Negative Man cosplay. Use an elastic bandage to cover your head and top it off with polarized sunglasses. The rest of the costume is easy enough to put together: a knitted turtleneck, a jacket, gray khakis, a woven braid belt, leather gloves, and work boots.

Negative Man Cosplay Costumes

Technically, Negative Man is the negatively-charged energy being that leaves Larry Trainor’s body. This being is later on called Negative Spirit in more modern appearances in DC comics publications. Negative Man can fly at high speed, make objects explode, and can pass through solid materials. He resembles a shadow or a silhouette that is surrounded by a bright glow (presumably a manifestation of the energy charge). Whenever the being is separated from Trainor, he becomes vulnerable and weak. Therefore, he can only stand to have the being separated from him for 60 seconds at a time. Otherwise, he risks death. His bandaged look is meant to protect civilians from the radioactivity he possesses post-accident.

Don’t fight the bad guys alone! Invite your friends to dress up as other Doom Patrol characters such as Robotman, Chief, Crazy Jane, or Mr. Nobody.

Negative Man Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a journey into the classic and mysterious world of “My Greatest Adventure” with our costume guide FAQ for Negative Man. This guide will assist you in recreating the iconic look of Larry Trainor, aka Negative Man, a character known for his unique and compelling appearance, as well as his extraordinary abilities.

Negative Man's costume is most notable for its distinctive bandage wrapping, covering his entire body and face, a symbol of his condition after a radioactive accident. He wears a sleek, dark suit with a thin tie, which contrasts sharply with the light-colored bandages. His look is completed with a pair of dark sunglasses worn over the bandages on his eyes.

To replicate Negative Man's bandaged appearance, use light, breathable fabric strips or medical bandages to wrap around your body, including your head and face. Ensure that you can see and breathe comfortably. The bandages should be wrapped tightly enough to stay in place but not so tight as to be uncomfortable or restrictive.

Negative Man's suit should be tailored and dark, preferably in shades of black or dark blue, with a simple, classic cut. The suit consists of a jacket, trousers, a white shirt, and a thin black tie, reflecting a traditional and somewhat somber style.

In addition to his dark sunglasses, consider carrying a prop that represents Negative Man's negative energy being, like a thin, light-colored scarf or streamer, which can symbolize the energy entity that emerges from his body in the comics.

To authentically portray Negative Man, adopt a demeanor that reflects his complex character – a blend of heroism, tragedy, and resilience. His movements are often cautious and deliberate, reflecting his awareness of his condition and the dangers it poses to others. Bringing in these elements of his personality and backstory will add depth to your costume and help you connect more deeply with the character's essence.

About Negative Man

By September 1968, the final issue of Doom Patrol was released, and the entire team, including Negative Man, was killed off. The Doom Patrol was last seen sacrificing their lives to Madam Rouge and General Zahl to save a small fishing village in Codsville, Maine. Later on, however, it was revealed that Larry Trainor actually survived the explosion (though it was never explained how). When he reappeared, he was still bandaged and radioactive, but no longer with his energy being named Negative Spirit.

In a 1977 issue of Showcase, another DC comics publication, the Negative Spirit appears again – this time possessing Colonel Valentina Vostok. She is a Russian cosmonaut who was later on named Negative Woman. In the beginning, Vostok could transform herself to the actual being, possessing the same capabilities as the Negative Spirit. Later on, however, this being would emerge from her, as it did from Trainor.

Negative Man

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