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Best Nebula Costume Guide

Nebula, played by Karen Gillan, is the sister of Gamora who appears in the Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. She doesn’t have the same mindset to save the universe as her sister, though. Nebula is out for revenge and she’s starting with her own sister and father! Her heart is as cold as the pieces of metal she’s made up of. Nebula won’t stop until she avenges her younger self. Get the look of the look of the Evil Step-sister with this Nebula costume guide.

Nebula’s costume is easy to recreate. You can recreate the look by finding the full Nebula Costume, a Zentai Full Body Suit, and a pair of Deluxe Nebula Boots. To match Nebula’s skin tone, you can grab some Silver and Purple Face Paint to create the same effect. She carries around baton-like electroshock weapons, but you can get the same feel with a set of massage sticks!

Nebula Cosplay Costumes

You can’t go wrong with a Guardians of the Galaxy costume these days, and the go-to good guys shouldn’t always be a top choice! Give in to your inner bad girl by wearing a Nebula costume for Halloween or your next cosplay event! After ordering a blue full body suit along with a Nebula costume, you can layer the costume over the bodysuit. Apply face paint, readily found at any costume shop, for the skin tone and metal finishes. Finally, put on purple boots and sling around your “electroshock” massage sticks!

Nebula’s childhood turned her into a loner, but that didn’t stop her from hunting down her sister, Gamora! Grab a best friend to dress as Gamora, Peter Quill, Drax the Destroyer, and of course the one and only Rocket Raccoon! We NEED to see a picture of this and you could be the next featured recreation in the Nebula costume gallery!

Nebula Costume Tips & FAQs

Find out all of the specifics of dressing up like Nebula with this Costume Guide FAQ! In this section, you’ll find all the essential information for dressing up as the fierce and conflicted cyborg from “Guardians of the Galaxy,” Nebula.

To dress like Nebula, you'll need a black or dark blue bodysuit with metallic and armor-like details. Add a pair of matching gloves and knee-high boots. Consider using foam or fabric to create the armor pieces and attach them to your outfit. Don't forget to include Nebula's distinct cybernetic left arm in your costume.

Nebula has blue skin with dark, robotic features, particularly on the left side of her face. Use water-based body paint or makeup to achieve the blue skin tone, applying it evenly to your face, neck, and any exposed skin. For the robotic features, you can use black makeup or body paint to create the lines and contours of her cybernetic enhancements. You can also use prosthetics or latex appliances to enhance the effect.

Nebula has a short, almost buzz-cut hairstyle. If your hair is already short and dark, you can simply style it to match Nebula's look. If not, you can use a dark, short wig or even consider using a bald cap with some textured paint or fabric to create the appearance of her hair.

Nebula is known for her fierce and determined personality, with memorable quotes such as "All any of you do is yell at each other. You're not friends," "I will hunt my father like a dog and I will tear him apart piece by piece," and "You were the one who wanted to win and I just wanted a sister!"

Nebula's weapon of choice is an electroshock baton or a sword. You can find replica weapons online or create your own using foam, cardboard, or plastic. Be sure to paint them with metallic and black accents to match Nebula's weapons in the movies. Remember to follow any guidelines or rules about prop weapons at events where you plan to wear your costume.

About Nebula

Nebula grew up as the adoptive child of Thanos and the adoptive sister of Gamora. It wasn’t the best upbringing as a child because Thanos would pit the two girls against each other and make them fight on a daily basis. It got to the point that if Gamora won again, Thanos would remove a piece of Nebula’s body and replace it with a piece of metal. Gamora showed no remorse and continued to win the battles.

Nebula could only handle so much. After losing her arm, eye, and brain, Nebula determined to make it her life’s mission to hunt down her sister and father and kill them both. She didn’t anticipate coming across the Guardians of the Galaxy on her mission, but that didn’t slow her down from telling Gamora sister how horrible her childhood was and destroying her once and for all!


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