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Best Near Costume Guide

Near is one of the main characters in the popular Japanese manga series Death Note, a story which centers on the hunt for a mysterious serial killer named Kira. Near is the younger of the two successors to the legendary L, who obsessively investigates the killer until his own untimely death. The other old successor being Mello. Despite being a genius, as evidenced by the investigation of L’s death, Near doesn’t interact well with others. Get the look of the leader of the SPK (Special Provision for Kira) with this Near costume guide.

The Death Note series is a sprawling, complex tale, but the best thing about this costume is how easy it is to pull off. All you’ll need is a Men’s White Shirt, Men’s White Pants, White Haired Wig, Dice, and White Foundation Makeup to get that traditional pale manga look.

Near Cosplay Costumes

Manga characters are extremely popular when it comes to cosplay, and the main character Near is no exception. Entertainment styles from manga and anime series have such a dedicated and passionate following that you will never be short on comic-con events to attend and fellow fans to impress. To cosplay Near’s look, you’ll have to dress up in all white. The suit, hair, and makeup that he wears are all completely white!

The Death Note universe is vast and features a number of key characters such as Near’s predecessor L, his counterpart Mello, the mysterious Kira, and a host of other supporting characters. The possibilities run vast and deep when it comes to Death Note, and manga as a genre, so have some fun with this excellent Near costume!

Near Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the calculated and introspective world of Near from “Death Note” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Get ready to embody the genius detective as we answer your questions about creating an authentic and true-to-character Near costume.

Near's costume is simple yet distinctive. It includes a long-sleeved white pajama set or comfortable white clothes, capturing his childlike and minimalist aesthetic. The most important aspect of his appearance is his hair – a messy, white wig that emulates his unkempt and distinctive hairstyle. Additionally, Near is often seen playing with toys, so including a Rubik's Cube or other puzzle toys as props would enhance the authenticity of the costume.

Near's hair is snow-white and has a disheveled look. Use a white wig that is slightly messy or tousled. If your hair is light enough and you're open to it, you could also dye your hair white and style it in a disordered manner to achieve Near's look.

Near's makeup needs are minimal, focusing on a youthful and pale complexion. Use a light foundation to create an even, pale skin tone. Near has a rather expressionless and plain face, so avoid heavy makeup. A little pink blush can be applied to give a subtle, child-like appearance.

Near's mannerisms are as important as his physical appearance. He is often seen sitting in a crouched position, playing with his hair, or fidgeting with toys. Near is calm, collected, and speaks in a monotone voice. Mimicking these behaviors will make your portrayal more convincing.

Including quotes from Near can add depth to your costume. Some of his notable lines are: "If you can't win the game, if you can't solve the puzzle, you're just a loser.," "I'm a tool; I have to be used by someone in order to be useful.," "There's no heaven or hell. No matter what you do while you're alive, everybody goes to the same place once you die." and L, Kira, I do realize that, in essence, I'm not so different from you." Using these quotes will help convey Near's analytical mind and his philosophical views, enhancing the authenticity of your portrayal.

About Near

Near is one of the main protagonists in the popular manga series, Death Note. Near’s story begins in an English orphanage. He is an extremely intelligent child with a particular skill for detective work but struggles to have meaningful relationships with others. Born out of his love for puzzles and problem-solving, he looks up to legendary detective, L, and learns as much as he can from his methods.

After L’s death, Near reveals he has also been investigating the case of an unknown yet universally celebrated killer named Kira. Kira uses murder as a means to build a utopian future. Near, along with his counterpart, Mello, is revealed as a successor to L. The rest of the story follows Near and Mello’s hunt to expose and bring to justice the mysterious character of Kira.


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