How to Dress Like Naruto Uzumaki

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Naruto Uzumaki Costume Guide
Short Spiky Gold Hair
Naruto Konoha Headband
Ninja Shuriken Set
Naruto Uzumaki Costume
Naruto Weapon Holder
Ninja Cosplay Sandals
Kunai Bag Knee Bandage Ninja

Best Naruto Uzumaki Costume Guide

Star of a popular manga and anime series called Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki is a young shinobi who wants acceptance from his fellow villagers. With a cheerful disposition and desire to protect those around him, Naruto is an unlikely hero and an exciting choice to cosplay. Follow our Naruto costume guide and we will help you recreate his signature look.

We’ll start at the top with Short Spiky Gold Hair held in place with a Naruto Konoha Headband. Cover up with a Naruto Uzumaki Costume and wrap each leg with a Kunai Bag Knee Bandage Ninja before slipping on a pair of Ninja Cosplay Sandals. Accessorize with a Naruto Weapon Holder and a Ninja Shuriken Set.

Naruto Uzumaki Cosplay Costumes

With a long list of nicknames including Saviour of this World, Noisy Ninja, and The Show Off, Naruto has countless distinguishing qualities and many easily emulated. His trademark spiked bleach blonde hair which can be achieved with a wig or hair dye. A track suit of orange and black over a pair of black socks with the toes cut off will more than represent his style. Fold a length of black cloth for his bandannas and copy his trademark bird emblem with a silver sharpie or chalk for a quick solution.

Three thin lines across each cheek will give you Naruto’s whisker marks, which he received while still in his mother’s womb. Some store bought or hand constructed throwing stars will complete this cosplay. However, for added creativity, consider attaching a fox tail to represent the nine-tailed fox demon trapped inside of Naruto for the protection of the people in his village. For group efforts, include Sakura Haruno, Rock Lee or Jiraiya to represent Naruto en masse. Be sure to look at our featured pics for more ideas. Show us your own style send in your pics!

About Naruto Uzumaki

As Naruto Uzumaki was born, a fox demon attacked his village of Konoha. Named Kurama, the fox presented great danger his fellow villagers. For the protection of all, Kurama was sealed inside of baby Naruto. Sadly, the people turned against him and avoided him. The villagers didn’t believe they could trust Naruto and because of their behavior he grew up feeling alone and would often act out. Despite his childish antics, Naruto wants desperately to be accepted by his neighbors and works to become the leader of Hidden Leaf Village, the “Hokage.”

Undeterred by his rough start, Naruto learns a jutsu technique invented by his father, Rasengan, and earns the respect and friendship of those around him. Naruto also learns to work with the fox demon inside of him and later becomes his friend. Taking action to save his fellow villagers, Naruto eventually earns the love and respect of them as well as the reputation for being a loyal and dedicated friend. Later in life after becoming a husband and father, Naruto ends up fulfilling his dream of becoming the Seventh Hokage and therefore the leader of his village.

Naruto Uzumaki

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