How to Dress Like Nancy Wheeler

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Long-Sleeve Plaid Flannel Shirt
Long Sleeve Knitted Oversized Jumper Sweater
Women's Relaxed Jean
Women's Lapel Slim Faux Leather Shearling Coat
Fingerless Gloves
Classic Steel Quartz Watch with Black Band
Ankle Height Riding/Combat Boot
Wooden Baseball Bat

Best Nancy Wheeler Costume Guide

Dress like Nancy Wheeler, the older sister of Mike Wheeler, as you try to find your missing friend, Barb Holland, in the Netflix TV series Stranger Things. Normally dealing with the typical issues of a high school teenager, Nancy, portrayed by Natalia Dyer, seeks out Jonathan Byers to figure out what really happened the night Barb went missing. Get Nancy’s cosplay look with a Long-Sleeve Plaid Flannel Shirt, Long Sleeve Knitted Oversized Jumper Sweater, Women’s Lapel Slim Faux Leather Shearling Coat, Women’s Relaxed Jean, and a pair of Ankle Height Riding/Combat Boots. Get her complete costume with Fingerless Gloves, Classic Steel Quartz Watch with Black Band and a Wooden Baseball Bat.

Nancy Wheeler Cosplay Costumes

Get ready to grab the right attire to find your missing friend before it’s too late! Nancy happens to be the older sister of Mike Wheeler and when her best friend, Barb Holland, happens to go missing, she’s one of the few that actually try to look for her. While Barb may be missing in the show, it’s a great costume for one of your friends to cosplay as if you want to have a group cosplay.

What you’ll need to pull off the look is first a long-sleeve plaid shirt before anything else. You’ll then need a long-sleeve oversized jumper to wear underneath the plaid shirt, relaxed jeans, a leather shearling coat, fingerless gloves, a quartz watch with a black band, ankle height brown boots and finally a wooden baseball bat. If you happen to whip up an awesome Nancy Wheeler costume, we’d love to see it so send over a few of your photos so we can feature them!

Nancy Wheeler Costume Tips & FAQs

Delve into the thrilling and mysterious world of “Stranger Things” with our in-depth costume guide FAQ for Nancy Wheeler. Ideal for fans and cosplayers alike, this guide is designed to help you perfectly capture the essence of Nancy’s character, from her typical 1980s high school style to her transformation into a fearless monster hunter.

Nancy Wheeler's style is quintessentially '80s, blending high school fashion with a touch of practicality. Key elements include a patterned ruffle blouse, a knitted vest or cardigan, high-waisted mom jeans or a knee-length skirt, and loafers or simple sneakers. For her monster-hunting look, incorporate a utility jacket, a baseball bat, and a flashlight. Don't forget her distinctive wavy hair and minimal jewelry.

Nancy has medium-length, wavy brunette hair, often styled with a slight off-center parting. To achieve her look, curl your hair lightly and brush out the curls for a soft, natural wave. If your hair isn't naturally brunette, you might consider temporary hair dye or a wig.

Nancy's makeup is understated and natural, typical of a high school student in the '80s. Use a light foundation, a hint of blush, neutral eyeshadows, and a soft pink or nude lipstick. A little eyeliner and mascara will complete the look without appearing overdone.

Nancy's accessories are minimal but can include small stud earrings, a simple watch or bracelet, and occasionally a small pendant necklace. To fully embrace her monster-hunting role, consider adding props like a toy revolver, a baseball bat, or a vintage flashlight.

Adding Nancy's quotes to your cosplay can bring her character to life. Here are some memorable ones: "You don't know what it's like.," "I want to finish what we started. I want to kill it.," "Maybe we can call the army or something?," "I guess I was just too busy being Nancy Byers' perfect little daughter." and "I can be so... so stupid. Just really stupid." These quotes reflect Nancy's evolution from a typical high school student to a courageous and determined character, facing the supernatural challenges in "Stranger Things."

About Nancy Wheeler

Nancy had a rather normal childhood while being the older sister to two younger siblings and for quite some time in her life, she was really only concerned about high school life and the future beyond. She was that is until her best friend just up and disappeared one night. No matter what she said, it seemed like no one was concerned that Barb had disappeared and Nancy decided to try and look for Barb herself with help from just a couple friends.

Nancy was very involved in her studies at first. If you met her, you’d most likely describe her as studious, intelligent and very dedicated to getting grades, which she was until she began to date Steve. After she began to date Steve, she took on a more rebellious role, lying and doing things that were not typical of her. While she was rebellious, she also proved she had bravery after risking the things she did to look for her friend.

Nancy Wheeler

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