How to Dress Like Naked Snake

Male Video Games
Woodland Camo Combat BDU
Condor Tactical Recon Chest Rig
Sun Protection Arm Cooling Sleeve
Acoustic Tube
Half-finger Fingerless Gloves
Rubber Trainer Knife
All-Purpose Solid Bandana
Airsoft Gun Spring Pistol
Military Tactical Work Boot

Best Naked Snake Costume Guide

Big Boss was first introduced as a main character in the Metal Gear series. Once the commanding officer of Solid Snake, he soon became his archenemy. He was later featured as Naked Snake, the enemy in Metal Gear Solid prequels where he was previously an American Special Forces Operator having been a decorated veteran. He is one guy you don’t want to cross paths with because of his advanced weaponry and combat skills. This original Konami game was released in 1987 in Japan but quickly became popular across the world. Get the look of the Metal Gear villain with this Naked Snake costume guide.

Cosplay Naked Snake who fought in many wars with a Men’s Tactical Combat Uniform Jacket Shirt and Pants, Sun Protection Arm Cooling Sleeve, Half-finger Fingerless Gloves, All-Purpose Solid Bandana, and a pair of Military Tactical Work Boots. The equip yourself for combat with an Acoustic Tube, Condor Tactical Recon Chest Rig, Airsoft Gun Spring Pistol, and a Rubber Trainer Knife.

Naked Snake Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay a character that is a mash up between a military veteran and a top video game persona—Naked Snake from the video game series Metal Gear! Big Boss and Naked Snake is all wrapped up in a single costume! His military outfit will make for a fun night of cosplay. Let’s get started recreating the look of this legendary video game character. Check out all the listed pieces you need to complete this costume!

Start out with combat tactical jacket shirt and pants. Before you put on your shirt, make sure to put your cooling arm sleeves underneath. Once you have those pieces on, strap on a condor tactical recon chest rig to show that you’re not messing around! Put on a pair of fingerless gloves, an acoustic tube into your ear, an all-purpose bandana tied around your forehead, and a pair of military tactical work boots.  Lastly, be prepared for a war zone equipped with an Airsoft spring pistol and rubber knife! Submit a picture of your Naked Snake look to inspire others to cosplay this video game character.

Naked Snake Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a stealthy and thrilling adventure with our Naked Snake costume guide FAQ from the “Metal Gear Solid” series. Step into the shoes of this legendary soldier, also known as Big Boss, as we delve into your most pressing questions about crafting a costume that captures his rugged military appearance and the essence of his character.

Naked Snake's outfit is a classic example of military tactical gear. Essential components include a camouflage tactical suit, typically in olive drab or a jungle camo pattern, a tactical utility harness or vest, and a black or olive drab bandana. His look is completed with combat boots, fingerless gloves, and a distinctive eye patch over his right eye.

To replicate Naked Snake's tactical gear, you'll need a camo suit or uniform, preferably in a pattern suitable for a jungle environment. Add a tactical vest or harness with pouches for carrying equipment. The more detailed and loaded the gear, the more authentic it will appear.

Naked Snake's eye patch is a defining feature. It should be a simple, black patch that fits snugly over the right eye. The patch typically has a single strap that goes around the head. Ensure it's comfortable and doesn't obstruct your vision too much.

Props that would enhance a Naked Snake costume include replica weapons such as a non-functional pistol or a CQC (Close Quarters Combat) knife. You can also include a cardboard or foam replica of his signature weapon, the "Patriot" gun. Remember to ensure that any replica weapons are clearly identifiable as fake and comply with local laws and convention policies.

Incorporating quotes from Naked Snake can add an extra layer of character to your costume. Some memorable lines include: "I'm no hero... Never was. I'm just an old killer, hired to do some wet work.," "War has changed.," "A name means nothing on the battlefield.," "I've lived in the shadow of one man... I'm a soldier. I follow orders and do my duty, but after tonight, things are going to change." and "Kept you waiting, huh?." These quotes reflect Naked Snake's complex character as a soldier and his philosophical perspective on war and duty.

About Naked Snake

Big Boss, and earlier in the Metal Gear prequels as Naked Snake, goes by many names. He is a special forces operative who set out to seek revenge for his crew that was brutally murdered. Along with being one of the most well-known military soldiers, Naked Snake also founded the U.S. Army Special Forces Unit FOXHOUND and the mercenary company Militaires Sans Frontières. He’s a scary man to face during combat because of his exemplary weaponry skills.

Big Boss has been a part of the Metal Gear series since the original Konami video game since was created in 1987. He has displayed his combat and stealth skills while we have learned more about his life and missions. Big Boss fought during the Cold War and has been a black ops field agent for the CIA. He is used as a test subject and eventually becomes the genetic father and later nemesis of Solid Snake, Liquid Snake, and Solidus Snake. Even though his life revolves around military, combat, and stealth, it becomes more complicated as each video game is released.

Naked Snake

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