How to Dress Like Mystery Girl

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Long Curly Hair Costume Wig
Women's Heavyweight Flannel Shirt
Scoop Neck Short Sleeve Belly T-shirt
Stainless Steel Cuff Non-Piercing Clip
Women's Distressed Slit Knee Jeans
Women's Military Combat Boots
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Best Mystery Girl Costume Guide

If you’re a hardcore fan of Steven Universe, you’ll know Mystery Girl. A fun character to cosplay, if you follow our guide, we’ll have you rocking her look in no time! We start with a Scoop Neck Short Sleeve Belly T-shirt over a pair of Women’s Distressed Slit Knee Jeans.

For your waist, we suggest a Women’s Heavyweight Flannel Shirt. A chic pair of Women’s Military Combat Boots will complete the clothing you’ll need for this cosplay. Accessorize with a Long Curly Hair Costume Wig, in a cotton candy shade of pink and a Stainless Steel Cuff Non-Piercing Clip.

Mystery Girl Cosplay Costumes

If you’re looking to stand out among all other cosplayers, we highly recommend LBGT friendly character, Steven Universe’s, Mystery Girl. While her look is relatively simple, it’s her hair that stands out the most. Rocking a fabulous shade of light pink hair, you can achieve this look with a wig or with spray-on hair color. Follow up by picking up a faux ear cuff and lip cuff to represent her pierced look.

For her outfit, start with a white belly shirt. You can always cut a fitted white t-shirt to create this style. Pair it with a fitted pair of dark jeans and some rugged combat boots. While the flannel shirt she wears on the show appears green and white, any flannel will do. Her her hair is what will stand out most. Be sure to check out our featured pics for more style ideas. We also welcome your pics so send them in!

Mystery Girl Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the colorful and intriguing world of “Steven Universe” with our in-depth costume guide FAQ for the enigmatic Mystery Girl. Known for her striking appearance and air of intrigue, this guide is designed to help fans accurately capture her unique style. From her signature hair to her laid-back attire, we cover the essentials for creating an authentic Mystery Girl look.

Mystery Girl's outfit is effortlessly cool and casual. Key components include a simple pink crop top and black skinny jeans. The look is accented with a black belt, and she often wears a loose, open flannel shirt in shades of purple and pink. Her attire reflects a laid-back yet stylish vibe, perfect for capturing her cool character.

Mystery Girl is known for her striking, waist-length pink hair. To recreate this, you could use a long pink wig. If you're styling your own hair, use temporary hair color sprays or dyes to achieve the vibrant pink hue. The hair should be sleek and straight, embodying her effortless style.

Mystery Girl wears simple black sneakers or canvas shoes. These shoes complement her casual, cool style and are practical for everyday wear. Choose a pair that's comfortable and fits the laid-back aesthetic of her character.

Mystery Girl's makeup is minimal and natural. Focus on a clean, fresh look with a light foundation, a touch of blush, and natural lip color. Emphasize your eyes with mascara and perhaps a subtle eyeliner, keeping the overall makeup understated yet enhancing your natural features.

Mystery Girl is known for her silent, mysterious demeanor, and she has limited dialogue in the series. However, her aura of mystery is her defining trait. When in character, maintain a cool, confident attitude. You can use subtle expressions and non-verbal cues to convey her intriguing persona, as her presence is more about attitude and aura than words.

About Mystery Girl

True to her name, Steven Universe character Mystery Girl is a bit of a mystery. Having only appeared in one episode as of 2016, she doesn’t seem to have much of a backstory yet. What we do know is that she is beautiful and that long time show character Pearl is deeply attracted to her. This probably has a lot to do with her resembling lost love Rose Quartz.

Having first been ignored by her at the Big Donut, Pearl goes on a high-speed chase to catch Mystery Girl when she pulls up next to her on her motorcycle. Finally getting her attention at a concert, Mystery Girl laughs and smiles, while Pearl does all the talking. Having no lines in the episode made viewers question whether she would appear in future episodes. However, Mystery Girl ends up giving Pearl her phone number which leads most to believe that she’ll be back and that she and Pearl may have a future together as a couple.

Mystery Girl

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