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Best Mulan Costume Guide

Mulan made her first appearance in the animated Disney film that was released in 1998. Her free spirit and strong will reached young boys and girls around the world proving you can achieve any dream you wish to accomplish. Mulan’s appearance was a focal point of the film because she had to hide her gender while fighting, while at other times embraced being a young woman. Get her look with this cosplay guide.

When Mulan wasn’t disguised as a young man going off to war, she wore the beautiful, traditional Chinese clothing. She was seen wearing both the blue version of the Mulan Princess Costume and a pink version with Black Flats. Mulan has long black hair that looks similar to a Women’s Black Wig. She cut it later in the movie to resemble more of a manly look. Mulan’s accessory of choice was either a Handheld Folding Fan or a sword for battle like the Mulan Prop Sword.

Mulan Cosplay Costumes

Dressing up as Disney characters is always a fun idea for cosplay, especially when they are strong female figures. When Mulan wasn’t dressed to convince the other warriors that she was a young man, she was dressed in classic Chinese robes and a dress. Recreating Mulan’s costume can be easy to do with the right pieces.

Start with colorful Chinese robes and a sash. Add a black wig and black flats to wrap up her clothing and hair. Mulan was usually seen with a folding hand fan to hide her face, or a sword when she was ready to go into battle. You could add a small red dragon plush toy to resemble Mulan’s guardian dragon and friend Mushu. Check out those who have recreated Mulan’s costume in the cosplay photo gallery, and remember to send us a picture of your recreation of Mulan’s look!

About Mulan

Mulan is the Disney princess who wants to take care of her family by going to war. At this time in history, Chinese women were not allowed to do anything so brave. The Disney movie, Mulan, is based on a Chinese fable character named Fa Mulan. Disney created Mulan to promote gender equality and teach young boys and girl that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to—no matter what others may say.

Mulan is a free-spirited girl who wants to do right by her family, but her father will not allow her to fight in the war to protect their family name. Mulan dressed as a male so she will not be judged for her dreams, and she ends up proving to everyone that a female can do everything a male can do. Gender is not an issue in the eyes of Mulan.


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