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Best Mr. T Costume Guide

Mr. T, real name Laurence Tureaud, is an American retired professional wrestler who went on to become an actor and television personality. He is most known for his catchphrase “I pity the fool” which was taken from a television series he starred on with the same title. He is also well-known for his unique look: a very iconic hairstyle inspired by the warriors of the Mandinka nation in West Africa, his gold jewelry, and his very tough-guy wardrobe. Some of his most popular roles are as B.A. Baracus in the 1980s television series, The A-Team and as boxer Clubber Lang in the 1982 film Rocky III.

Get the look of the tough actor with this Mr. T costume guide. Items you’ll need for this costume are a muscle tee, a button-down denim vest, jeans, gold jewelry, hoop earrings, and a Mr. T mohawk.

Mr. T Cosplay Costumes

Cosplaying as Mr. T is sure to be a fun experience because of how unconventional his look is. No matter what event you’re dressing for, you’ll be recognized as Mr. T if you do it right. He’s connected to his African roots and wants to pay tribute to it which is why he adopted the short mohawk everyone knows him by. This connectedness to African roots is said to also be the reason why he likes to wear a lot of gold accessories – something that can be observed in several African tribes. These two aspects of his look might be the most important to pay attention to when cosplaying him. Once you have this down, you can dress like him with a muscle t-shirt, a button-down denim vest, and a pair of jeans.

I pity the fool who goes to a party as Mr. T alone! Gather your friends and let them dress up as the rest of the A-Team.

Mr. T Costume Tips & FAQs

Delve into the world of Laurence Tureaud, famously known as “Mr. T,” with our specialized costume guide FAQ. Embark on a journey to emulate the iconic wrestler and actor, best known for his unique style and larger-than-life persona. We’re here to guide you through creating an authentic and memorable Mr. T look, answering your most pressing questions about embodying this unforgettable character.

Mr. T's distinctive style includes a mohawk haircut, a plethora of gold chains around his neck, a sleeveless or muscle shirt, camouflage or military-style pants, and heavy boots. His look is characterized by a bold and muscular appearance, complemented by his signature gold jewelry.

To mimic Mr. T's hairstyle, shave the sides of your head while leaving a strip of hair in the center for the mohawk. For facial hair, grow a thick beard but shave it in a way that leaves a circle of hair around the mouth, resembling Mr. T's unique beard style. If natural hair is not an option, consider a wig and a stick-on beard.

Mr. T is known for his love of gold chains, so aim for a mix of thick, chunky necklaces and long, layered chains. You can find costume jewelry or gold-colored plastic chains that are lightweight and affordable, making them ideal for a convincing Mr. T outfit.

Choose a tight-fitting sleeveless shirt, preferably in black or a dark color, to showcase a muscular build. Pair it with military-style pants or camouflage trousers, tucked into combat or heavy-duty boots. The ensemble should exude a tough, rugged look in line with Mr. T's persona.

Embracing Mr. T's memorable quotes or catchphrases can add authenticity and fun to your costume. Some of his famous lines include: "I pity the fool!," "Don’t give me no back talk, sucker!," "Quit your jibba jabba!," "I believe in the Golden Rule – The Man with the Gold... Rules." and"First name Mister, middle name Period, last name T." These quotes perfectly encapsulate Mr. T's confident and bold persona, making them great additions to any Mr. T cosplay or costume party appearance.

About Mr. T

While Mr. T is very particular about his iconic look, it has also been said about him that he is a very religious man. So much so that even though he tries to make a statement with his look, he was said to have given up his gold jewelry after helping out with the cleanup of the Hurricane Katrina aftermath in 2005. He was quoted to have said that he felt it was insensitive and disrespectful to people who lost almost everything if he were to keep wearing his gold.

He’s dabbled in quite a number of things in his career, including but not limited to movie and television acting, TV hosting, professional wrestling, and even music. His latest foray was in 2017 when he became one of the contestants for the 24th season of Dancing with the Stars. He finished in 10th place with his dancing partner Kym Herjavec.

Mr. T

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