How to Dress Like Mr. Smee

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Red Stocking Cap with Pompom
Half Moon Glasses
Sky Blue Horizontal Stripe T-shirt
White Mutton Chops
Bulbous Nose Prosthetic
Quiksilver Blue Chino Shorts
Brown Leather Slide Sandals

Best Mr. Smee Costume Guide

Even though the Disney film Peter Pan was released in 1953, it is still a popular choice among children (and adults). Though Mr. Smee may not seem like he played a large part in the story, he is actually one of the most memorable characters in this Disney film. This is probably because Mr. Smee isn’t quite as evil as Captain Hook would like him to be, so we can’t help but love his character that much more. Get the complete look of Mr. Smee by following this cosplay guide.

You can get a costume like Mr. Smee’s look with a kind heart and just these few items: a Red Stocking Cap with Pompom, Half Moon Glasses, White Mutton Chops, a Sky Blue Horizontal Stripe T-shirt, a Bulbous Nose Prosthetic, Quiksilver Blue Chino Shorts, and a pair of Brown Leather Slide Sandals.

Mr. Smee Cosplay Costumes

The brave Peter Pan and the villain Captain Hook are usually the characters of choice when dressing for cosplay, but Mr. Smee is definitely a more fun and quirky option! His costume is also super easy to recreate because he doesn’t have too many pieces to put together to form his wardrobe. To get his look you will need a few items from your closet and then a couple harder to find items that you can find online!

Start with a red stocking cap with a pom-pom on top or you can super glue one on quickly. Then, wear a blue horizontal striped shirt, matching blue shorts, and a brown pair of sandals. With the majority of the costume complete, the best pieces are yet to come! Stick on half-moon eyeglasses and white mutton chops to both sides of your face. Add a prosthetic bulbous nose to the tip of your own nose and you’ll officially look like Mr. Smee! What a fun costume! Send us a picture of your Mr. Smee recreation, and check out the cosplay gallery if you need additional tips and tricks!

Mr. Smee Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the whimsical world of Neverland with our costume guide for Mr. Smee from “Peter Pan.” Known as Captain Hook’s loyal but bumbling first mate, Mr. Smee is a memorable character with his distinctive, seafaring attire. This guide will help you recreate his iconic look, perfect for theatrical productions, Disney-themed events, or any occasion where you want to embody the spirit of this classic tale.

Mr. Smee's outfit is characterized by its classic pirate look with a comical twist. Essential components include a blue and white striped shirt, blue shorts, and a red beanie hat. He often wears a wide black belt with a large buckle around his waist and simple black shoes. In some adaptations, he is also seen wearing round, rimmed glasses and has a white, bushy mustache.

Mr. Smee is typically portrayed as bald, so a bald cap can be used if you don't naturally have a bald head. His white, bushy mustache is a signature feature and can be replicated with a fake mustache if needed.

Simple black shoes or boots are appropriate for Mr. Smee's costume. The footwear should be understated, aligning with his overall simplistic and unpretentious pirate look.

Key accessories for Mr. Smee's costume include his red beanie hat, which is iconic to his character, and round glasses if you choose to include them. Additionally, carrying a prop like a rope or a lantern can add to the nautical theme of his outfit.

Mr. Smee is known for his gentle, somewhat timid demeanor, which is often played for comic effect. Adopt a humble, servile posture and a soft-spoken voice. Here are some quotes you might use: "Begging your pardon, Captain.," "Oh dear, oh dear, it seems we've been shanghaied.,," "Coming, Captain!," "I'll save you, Captain!" and "Yes, yes, of course, Captain Hook, sir." These lines capture Mr. Smee's loyal yet often befuddled personality, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of this classic character.

About Mr. Smee

Many evil sidekicks are willing to do just about whatever their masters ask of them. Mr. Smee from the Disney animated movie Peter Pan is not like other evil sidekicks. Mr. Smee is loyal to the evil pirate Captain Hook in the story, but he sometimes questions whether Hook is making the right choices. Mr. Smee is Captain Hook’s right-hand man (because he is missing one hand), but Smee attempts to keep Hook on the right path whenever possible.

Mr. Smee may be in charge of ordering burly and immoral pirates to complete tasks like capturing Peter Pan and the Lost Boys of Never Land or harming others along the way, most kind but Mr. Smee is one of the kindest-hearted characters in this story. So, whenever Smee is told to complete an evil act, his soft side seems to get in the way and mess up the whole plan. We can’t blame him for that!

Mr. Smee

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