How to Dress like Mr. Robot

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Tommy Hilfiger Poly-Twill Performance Bomber Jacket
Noble Mount Cotton Flannel Shirt
MG Low Profile Cotton Twill Hat
Irish Plaid Long Cashmere Scarf
Match Shawl Collar Cardigan Sweater
1903 Reprint of Resurrection by Leo Tolstoy
MR ROBOT Embroidery Patch
grinderPUNCH Aviator Sunglasses
Beechfield Fingerless Winter Gloves

Best Mr. Robot Costume Guide

Smash hit Mr. Robot, gifted to us by the USA Network, has already cemented their place in television history with this tech based drama-thriller. Representing the computer age, a socially awkward hacktivist, played by Christian Slater is a newcomer to the cosplay circuit. Stick to our guide to pulling off Mr. Robot’s relaxed look. Kick off your outfit with an MG Low Profile Cotton Twill Hat. An Irish Plaid Long Cashmere Scarf over a Tommy Hilfiger Poly-Twill Performance Bomber Jacket and you’re more than halfway to your goal of being Mr. Robot.

Hide from peering eyes with a pair of grinderPUNCH Aviator Sunglasses. Bundle up in a Match Shawl Collar Cardigan Sweater over a Noble Mount Cotton Flannel Shirt and slap a MR. ROBOT Embroidery Patch on the arm, and you’re only a couple pieces away from your finished look. We recommend Beechfield Fingerless Winter Gloves and a 1903 Reprint of Resurrection by Leo Tolstoy. Voila! You’re officially Mr. Robot!

Mr. Robot Cosplay Costumes

The computer age is spawning talented characters to cosplay, and Mr. Robot is just one of many. His style is laid back which makes finding the pieces of this outfit relatively easy. A light colored ball cap is an easy start. As far as his eyewear, there are a couple of options. You can represent his outdoor look with a fresh pair of aviators or rock his indoor look by donning a pair of black framed fashion glasses.

The bottom half of this look is all about layering. A flannel shirt under a cardigan, topped with a brown bomber jacket and wrapped with a plaid scarf; not only will you nail Mr. Robot’s look; you’ll be ready to face and cold weather. If you’re not already too hot, include a pair of cutoff gloves and add a book to hold. Any book would work, covering a book with blank paper and then writing the title of Tolstoy’s book will save you some serious bucks. Bring a friend along to represent cyber security engineer Eliot Alderson, and you’ll do Mr. Robot proud!

Mr. Robot Costume Tips & FAQs

Delve into the complex world of cyber intrigue with our detailed costume guide FAQ for Mr. Robot, the mysterious and influential figure from the acclaimed series “Mr. Robot.” Ideal for fans and cosplayers, this guide explores how to embody Mr. Robot’s distinctive and iconic style. From his signature cap to his vintage jacket, we cover the essentials to help you create an authentic Mr. Robot appearance.

Mr. Robot's outfit is characterized by a vintage, somewhat disheveled look. Essential to his attire is a black work jacket with white piping, often seen as a symbol of his blue-collar hacker persona. Underneath, he typically wears a plain or subtly patterned shirt, and he pairs these with dark, nondescript pants. His clothing is practical and unassuming, reflecting his enigmatic character.

A key element of Mr. Robot's look is his cap, which is a dark (usually black) flat cap or a newsboy cap. This cap is quintessential to achieving his distinctive appearance and adds to his mysterious aura. Look for a cap that has a vintage feel to it, aligning with the overall style of the character.

Mr. Robot's footwear is functional and understated. Opt for simple, dark-colored work boots or shoes. The focus is on practicality and comfort, consistent with his pragmatic and unpretentious personality.

While Mr. Robot's look is relatively minimal, carrying a vintage-looking bag, like a messenger bag or a briefcase, can add authenticity to your costume. This accessory complements his enigmatic hacker persona. Additionally, you might consider wearing a pair of classic, round glasses to complete the look.

Mr. Robot is known for his philosophical and often cryptic dialogues. Here are some memorable quotes: "Control is an illusion.," "The world is a dangerous place, Elliot, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.," "You're only seeing what's in front of you, you're not seeing what's above you.," "We're all living in each other's paranoia." and "Power belongs to the people that take it." These quotes reflect Mr. Robot's complex worldview, his skepticism towards societal structures, and his revolutionary mindset.

About Mr. Robot

The ever mysterious Mr. Robot is a figment of the show’s main star, Elliot Alderson’s, imagination. He’s not really there! What little we do know about Mr. Robot is that he is brilliant and courageous. Pulling his son into a fight against big corporations, one of his many goals is to cancel all debts by cyber-attacking E Corp. He knows his son is troubled. Elliot battles depression, social anxiety disorder, and delusions.

Ghost or not, Mr. Robot loves his son and wants to see him succeed. Guiding him and drawing out his talents, like any father, he wants his son to be happy and to use his knowledge to help others. His underground group of hacktivists comes together when he brings Elliot into the fold. Mr. Robot is a tender character beneath his angst for society. The name of his hacker group, FSociety makes that clear to audiences.

Mr. Robot

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