How to Dress Like Mr. Monopoly

Black Felt Top Hat
Bar Style Moustache
Tuxedo Bowtie
Men's Dress Shirt
White Vest
Button Blazer Jacket
Gray Dress Pants
Round Handle Wood Cane
Men's Half Time Oxford Shoe

Best Mr. Monopoly Costume Guide

The classic board game character from Parker Brothers, Mr. Monopoly, also known as Rich Uncle Pennybags, has been around since the late 1930s. Having the impression of a classy guy with a sleek sense of style, he is well worth representing in costume form. By following this guide, we can have you looking like rich Uncle Pennybags before you “Pass GO.”

Get started with a Black Felt Top Hat and Tuxedo Bowtie over a Men’s Dress Shirt. Pair the dress shirt with a Calvin Klein Vest under a Button Blazer Jacket. We chose a pair of Expandable Waist Dress Pants and a pair of Men’s Half Time Oxford Shoes. We accessorized Mr. Monopoly’s look with a Bar Style Mustache and a Round Handle Wood Cane.

Mr. Monopoly Cosplay Costumes

If you’re looking for a stylish character to cosplay, we recommend Mr. Monopoly, the face of the popular Parker Brothers board game. Guys and girls alike can pull off this fashionable look. A black blazer over a white shirt and gray slacks are all pieces you may already have in your closet. The red bow tie and top hat can be purchased online or at a costume shop. A white stick on mustache can also be purchased in the same places, and if you can’t borrow a cane, there are literally dozens available at any thrift store.

Though there aren’t many other human characters to include for group cosplay there is the Go to Jail policeman, Officer Mallory, and the Get Out of Jail criminal, Jake the Jailbird. It might also be a fun idea to go as other popular board game characters. Check out the featured cosplay pictures for more costume ideas and send in your own as well!

Mr. Monopoly Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the classic world of board games with our Mr. Monopoly costume guide FAQ. Mr. Monopoly, the iconic character from the Monopoly board game, is recognized by his dapper, early 20th-century businessman attire. This FAQ is crafted to help you recreate his sophisticated and timeless look, ideal for game-themed parties, cosplay events, or any gathering where a touch of vintage charm is desired.

Mr. Monopoly's outfit is the epitome of a classic, well-to-do businessman. Key components include a black suit with a white dress shirt and a bowtie (traditionally black or red). Additionally, a top hat is crucial to his look, along with a monocle over one eye for that distinctive touch. To complete the ensemble, add a pair of polished black dress shoes.

Mr. Monopoly is depicted as having a white mustache that's thick and bushy, curving slightly downwards at the ends. If you're able to grow a mustache, you can style it accordingly and use white hair color spray. For those who cannot, a white fake mustache will work perfectly. His hair, if visible, is also white and neatly combed back.

In addition to the monocle and top hat, Mr. Monopoly is often seen carrying a cane, which adds to his gentlemanly appearance. A vintage-style walking stick would be ideal. Also, consider carrying fake money, property cards, or a small replica of a Monopoly game board for thematic effect.

The monocle is a signature accessory for Mr. Monopoly. You can find costume monocles at many party stores or online. It should be a simple, circular glass without any frame, held in place over one eye. If wearing a monocle is uncomfortable, you can also attach it to the lapel of your suit or hang it around your neck with a ribbon or chain.

While Mr. Monopoly is not known for specific quotes from the game, you can use phrases related to the game of Monopoly to bring your character to life. Some ideas include: "Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.," "Bank error in your favor!," "Advance to Go!," "You've landed on my property – time to pay rent!" and "Let's make a deal – how about Boardwalk for Park Place?." These phrases are instantly recognizable to fans of Monopoly and will add a playful and interactive element to your portrayal of Mr. Monopoly.

About Mr. Monopoly

The undisputed mascot of popular board game Monopoly, Rich Uncle Pennybags is more commonly known as Mr. Monopoly. First appearing on the Community Chest and Chance cards in the American editions of Monopoly, he wasn’t officially given a name until 1946 upon Parker Brothers production of the game Rich Uncle. It wasn’t until between 1998 and 2008 that he was actually depicted as part of the game’s logo.

According to the former vice president of Parker Brothers, his likeness is modeled after American Businessman J.P. Morgan. Given the full name Milburn Pennybags in 1988, he was officially renamed Mr. Monopoly eleven years later. In 2006, Forbes Magazine names him as the sixth richest fictional character. Five years later, he had dropped to the eleventh spot. Despite the drop in fictional wealth, his face and attire have become synonymous with American wealth and success.

Mr. Monopoly

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