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Mr. Clean Costume Guide
White T-Shirt
White Pants
Gold Hoop Earring
Military Belt
Hair Dye
Slip On Vans

Best Mr. Clean Halloween Costume Guide

Mr. Clean is known everywhere to be one of the most popular and most successful mascots the world has ever known. The history of his character starts when a farmer finds him alone, as a baby, left on his front porch. He was the cleanest baby they had ever seen, with a head that was unusually bald and shiny (even for a baby)! The farmer and his wife decided to keep him and raise him as their own. Growing up with the influence of hardworking parents, Mr. Clean adopted the same outlook and set out to be the best, most hardworking cleaner in history. Get the look of the world’s best cleaner with this Mr. Clean costume guide.

Tidy up to cosplay Mr. Clean by wearing an all-white ensemble. Start with White Pants, White T-Shirt, White Slip-On Vans, and a White Military Belt. Do the look justice with some White Hair Dye (for your eyebrows) and Gold Hoop Earring. Bonus points for a naturally bald head.

Mr. Clean Cosplay Costumes

Cosplaying Mr. Clean is not too difficult. Your only issue may be staying true to your name during a Halloween event or party. Just make sure not to spill any drinks or sauces on you as you attempt to look like the cleanest man on earth. Pretend to be completely oblivious to the concept of dirt by wearing a white t-shirt matched with white pants, a white military belt, and a pair of white slip-on Vans. Apply a little white hair dye to your eyebrows and put a gold hoop earring on to complete the look. Ideally, you will start with one of the most iconic features of Mr. Clean—a shiny, bald head.

Dressing up as Mr. Clean might seem like a lonely task, but it doesn’t have to be! Drive the point home by convincing your friends to dress up as your mortal enemy—stains. If they’re feeling wackier, they can also dress up as various cleaning materials like a broom, a brush, or a mop. Another option is to join forces with another bald head companion. Take a look at the Best Costumes for Bald Men for a few ideas.

About Mr. Clean

A mascot first created in 1957 for a cleaning product by the same name, Mr. Clean has been a household name ever since. His debut on TV was initially portrayed by a real person—an actor by the name of House Peters Jr. Within half a year, Mr. Clean became the best household cleaner sold. His character was originally modeled after a U.S. Navy sailor, although a lot of people seeing the character are reminded of a genie in a bottle. This is due to his gold hoop earring and his seeming strong appearance with his arms folded across his chest. The idea of him being a genie is reinforced by how he is portrayed in television commercials—always appearing when needed, often in a magical way.

Unknown to most, Mr. Clean actually has a first name, Veritably. He is also known in other non-English speaking countries in many different ways, often just by the closest translation to “Mr. Clean.” For example, he is Don Limpio in Spain, Meister Proper in Germany, and Monsieur Propre in France and Morocco.

Mr. Clean

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