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Clarke Devereaux, also known as Mouth, is a member of the iconic group of misfits from the 80s classic film The Goonies. From the moment he comes on screen, Mouth doesn’t shut his mouth. Of course, this gets him into plenty of trouble, especially when the Fratellis threaten to slice his tongue off! But Mouth’s love of language isn’t necessarily for naught. He’s the only member of the Goonies who speaks Spanish, which becomes critical when following the map to One-Eyed Willy’s treasure. Since the entire map is in Spanish, the group is easily able to maneuver through the depths of the earth and avoid several near-death experiences.

Now get the look of the talkative goony with this Mouth Deveraux costume guide. Cosplay Mouth’s classic 80s look by wearing a Purple Rain Shirt underneath a Gray Bomber Jacket. Complete his outfit with Gray Pants, Black Sneakers, and Hairbrush to comb your gorgeous locks back.

Mouth Cosplay Costumes

With the gift of the gab, Mouth enjoys teasing his friends relentlessly, especially his secret crush, Stef. In fact, from the moment Mouth comes on screen, he playings jokes just for a laugh. He begins his mischevious ways when offering to translate for the Spanish-speaking maid, Rosalita. In true Mouth fashion, he instead takes this opportunity to trick Rosalita into thinking the family she is working for is crazy. From then on, Mouth’s mouth gets him into trouble.

Cosplay Mouth’s look from the classic film The Goonies with a purple rain T-shirt, gray bomber jacket, and a pair of black sneakers. Finally, carry around a hairbrush to nail his look. It’s not smart to search for the pirate treasure alone! You’ll need to bring the rest of the misfits along, so grab your friends and dress up like the rest of the Goonies like Stef, Chunk, and Mikey.

Mouth Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a nostalgic adventure with our “Mouth” costume guide from the classic film “The Goonies.” Dive into the essence of this iconic character, known for his quick wit and memorable style, as we explore your top questions about recreating Mouth’s distinctive look.

Mouth, portrayed by Corey Feldman, is known for his trendy '80s attire. Key elements include a purple jacket, a graphic or band t-shirt, light-wash jeans, and high-top sneakers. His outfit captures the rebellious and carefree spirit of the era, making it a fun and recognizable choice for cosplay.

Mouth sports a messy, medium-length hairstyle typical of the '80s. To achieve this look, aim for a slightly tousled appearance with some volume. Accessories that define Mouth's style include a bandana (worn around the neck or as a headband), wristbands, and possibly retro sunglasses.

Choose a t-shirt that reflects the rock and roll or pop culture of the '80s. Graphic tees with vintage band logos, iconic '80s symbols, or retro designs work well. The key is to capture the vibrant and eclectic fashion of the time.

Mouth's purple jacket is a standout piece. It should be a lighter shade of purple, with a casual, slightly oversized fit. If possible, find a jacket with a similar cut and feel to those worn in the '80s. Adding patches or pins can further enhance the authenticity.

Bringing Mouth's character to life isn't just about the outfit; it's also about capturing his sarcastic and bold personality. Some memorable quotes include: "I'm setting booty traps.," "Yeah? Well, this one, this one right here, this was my dream, my wish. And it didn't come true. So I'm taking it back. I'm taking them all back." and "The next time you see sky, it'll be over another town. The next time you take a test, it'll be in some other school." These quotes encapsulate Mouth's adventurous spirit and his quick-witted nature, adding an extra layer of authenticity to your portrayal.

About Mouth

In a 1985 adventure-comedy film, The Goonies introduces an endearingly annoying character, Clarke Devereaux, better known as Mouth. Mouth’s love for words and jokes is apparent as he purposely mistranslates for the Spanish-speaking maid, Rosalita. However, it seems Mouth can’t control his tongue as he encounters the crime family, The Fratellis, where he nearly talks himself into getting his tongue sliced off! Luckily, he and the rest of the Goonies escape from the Fratellis (except Chunk, poor guy) and begin the race to find the infamous pirate One-Eyed Willy’s hidden treasure.

Despite Mouth’s constant teasing and jokes, he becomes a critical member of the Goonies as the entire treasure map is in Spanish. If it weren’t for his translating skills, the group of misfits would’ve found themselves seriously injured, or even worse…dead. But thanks to the group’s many talents and strengths, the Goonies leave their adventures alive and rich!


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