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Yu Takeyama, known better as Mount Lady, is an outgoing and powerful hero in the world of My Hero Academia. She’s vain, motivated by attention, and will do whatever it takes to get into the spotlight even if that means taking it away from someone else. She knows people find her attractive and happily uses her beauty and charm to get her way.

Mount Lady’s Quirk is that she’s able to grow to an enormous size. She has no control over height, however. So, Mount Lady only has the choice of being “normal-size” or “super-size” with her Quirk. As a result, she has become good at being aware of her surroundings. She tries to be careful in a fight and can even be selfless when necessary. All the world is your stage when dressing as the hero, Mt. Lady. Get the look of the egocentric hero with this Mount Lady costume guide. To get Yu Takeyama’s hero persona, you need a Mount Lady Costume, Purple Heels, Long Hair Wig, and ID Holder.

Mount Lady Cosplay Costumes

Yu Takeyama wants to be known for her heroism. She may come across as being self-centered, but she can deliver when it counts. Despite her negative personality traits, Mount Lady takes her responsibility as a hero very seriously. Mount Lady would never intentionally put someone else in danger at the expense of her ego. Even if she’s in giant form, she still wants to make sure the people around her are safe. Her concern for others is her motivation for recognition! She works hard and deserves thanks for her efforts!

Her hero outfit is easily spotted in a crowd. It’s bright, bold, and fun! Her bodysuit hugs her curves, and the purple and orange colors accents accentuate her features. Her long blonde hair falls into curls to frame the sides of her face, and two purple horns stick out close to her ears. With this outfit, she’s able to move quickly and efficiently while on a mission or in a fight.

About Mount Lady

Yu Takeyama, who goes by the hero name of Mount Lady, is in the Japanese anime, My Hero Academia. She’s ranked number 23 on the Pro Hero chart, though she wouldn’t mind getting a little higher. A lot of people know and love her because of her beauty and good looks. Her attractive looks have led to her becoming vain and using her appearance as a means to get something she wants. She loves getting showered with the attention of her fans and will even knock someone out of the way so that she can get her turn in the spotlight. 

Her negative personality isn’t to say that she’s a bad hero. She’s quite powerful with her gigantification Quirk. She takes great pride in her hero duties and puts people’s safety as her highest priority. She will always put herself in the line of fire before anyone else, as she has saved many civilians from being harmed.

Mount Lady

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