How to Dress Like Morrigan Aensland

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Bloodnight Wings
Full Hair Wig
Backless Strapless Body Briefer
Satin Opera Length Gloves
Bat Wing Hair Clips
Purple Bat Leggings
Fur Trim
Go-Go Boots

Best Morrigan Aensland Costume Guide

Morrigan Aensland is the main character from the Capcom video game series, Darkstalkers. As a succubus and powerful princess, Morrigan Aensland lives for the thrill of battle and is fascinated by the human world. Morrigan is a confident, playful, and sometimes conceited succubus, but she knows the powers she holds and her importance of her royal responsibilities. The first video game in the Darkstalkers series was released in 1994 and is still a huge hit! Dress up like the demon princess with this Morrigan Aensland costume guide.

Cosplay Morrigan Aensland’s sexy style with a teal Full Hair Wig, Bat Wing Hair Clips, Ultra Lift Backless Strapless Body Briefer, Purple Bat Leggings, Fingerless Satin Opera Length Gloves, Fur Trim, large Bat Wings, and a pair of Go-Go Boots. Morrigan knows she is a powerful and stunning succubus, and now you can be too!

Morrigan Aensland Cosplay Costumes

Since demons are all the rage these days, choosing Morrigan Aensland from the Capcom Darkstalkers video game franchise is a great cosplay idea! She’s not the typical demon and is even more powerful and entrancing. Her costume is quite unique, and we’ve located all of the pieces you need to recreate it. Most of these items need to be purchased in a costume shop, but don’t worry! You can find the complete cosplay guide making it totally easy to put this costume together.

Even though Morrigan becomes the Queen in the game, you can quickly turn this look into a group cosplay by adding a few characters! Get your friends to dress as Demitri Maximoff, Lilith, or any of the other characters from Darkstalkers! Check out the Morrigan Aensland costume gallery to see others who recreated this look by following this costume guide!

Morrigan Aensland Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the supernatural and seductive world of Morrigan Aensland, the captivating succubus from the Darkstalkers video game series. This costume guide FAQ is designed to help you accurately recreate Morrigan’s alluring and powerful appearance, a blend of gothic charm and mystical allure.

Morrigan Aensland's iconic costume is both striking and revealing. It consists of a black, sleeveless leotard with deep cuts along the sides, accented with white and purple trim. She wears thigh-high stockings and black high-heeled boots. Her bat-like wings, both on her head and her back, are her most distinctive features, along with her long, green hair. She also has smaller wings that form part of her outfit around her hips.

Morrigan has long, wavy green hair, often styled to fall seductively over one shoulder. A long, green wig can be used to replicate her hairstyle. For makeup, focus on a sultry look with dark eyeshadow, long eyelashes, and bold lipstick, typically in a dark or vibrant shade. A pale foundation will contrast with the dark makeup, highlighting her supernatural allure.

Essential accessories for a Morrigan costume include her distinctive bat-like wings. The wings on her head can be made or bought as a headband, while the larger wings for her back may require more elaborate construction, using materials like wire, fabric, and foam. The hip wings are also a unique aspect of her outfit and can be created with similar materials.

Morrigan is known for her confident and seductive demeanor. She often strikes poses that emphasize her curves and playful nature. Capturing her flirtatious smile and confident, alluring posture will enhance the authenticity of your portrayal.

Including some of Morrigan’s quotes can add depth to your portrayal: "Let's play again sometime!," "You're not bad, but you're not great either.," "Now you see the powers of a succubus!," "Did you enjoy my technique?" and "How about a kiss for good luck?." These quotes capture Morrigan's playful and teasing personality, adding an extra layer of charm to your costume.

About Morrigan Aensland

Morrigan Aensland is a succubus and main character appearing in the video game series Darkstalkers by Capcom. She was born in 1678 and had no idea the power she was soon to withhold. A great life form was needed to save the world of Makai, and Morrigan Aensland was that life form. Morrigan was given the powers by Berial, but precautions had to be taken so that Morrigan wouldn’t destroy herself from the immense power!

To save Morrigan’s own life from the power that was stored within her, her father Berial split her powers in three. Morrigan Aensland was unaware of this while growing up, and found her own life to be quite boring. Morrigan later discovered that after Berial died that she would now become the queen of her city. Upon finding Lilith, who was storing the rest of her powers, they fused together as one so Morrigan was finally her true self!

Morrigan Aensland

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