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Moondog is a stoner poet from the 2019 movie, Beach Bum. He lives a hedonistic lifestyle in the Florida Keys, working on his book and partying all the time. Though Moondog is past his prime, people still consider him a local legend. His rich wife Minnie supports his lifestyle while having an affair with R&B singer, Lingerie, who also happens to be Moondog’s friend. When Minnie dies, she leaves half her estate to Heather and half to Moondog, but his share is frozen under Heather’s control. Moondog, played by Matthew McConaughey, can only get his share once he improves his behavior and finishes his novel.

Get the look of the pot-smoking novelist with this Moondog costume guide. To get Moondog’s outfit, you’ll need to dress up in a colorful floral shirt, shorts, and white sneakers. You can complete Moondog cosplay with a Sailor’s Hat, Men’s Sneaker, Jewelry Set, and Fanny Pack, Costume Wig, and Flip-Up Sunglasses.

Moondog Cosplay Costumes

Moondog’s look is as colorful as his lifestyle. His yellow floral shirt and shorts are guaranteed to grab people’s attention. He sports long wavy blond hair which he mostly wears down. Covering his eyes are a pair of flip-up sunglasses. And he sports a spotless white fanny pack around his neck. Moondog tops off his eccentric outfit with a captain’s hat.

The Moondog costume set already includes a wig, so you don’t have to worry about it if your hair isn’t long or blond. If your eyes aren’t steel blue, perhaps you can wear contacts to resemble Matthew McConaughey’s eye color. Darkening your skin with a shade of tan will also help since Moondog lives the beach lifestyle. If you have a smooth face and time to spare, you can also grow some beard before attending your [Halloween] costume party.

Moondog Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the laid-back, free-spirited world of “The Beach Bum” by dressing up as Moondog, the eccentric and rebellious poet played by Matthew McConaughey. Our costume guide FAQ will help you capture Moondog’s unique beach-bum style, reflecting his unconventional lifestyle and his larger-than-life persona. Let’s explore how to craft his distinctive attire and embody his carefree spirit.

Moondog's outfit is an eclectic mix of bohemian and beach-inspired elements, symbolizing his nonconformist lifestyle. Essential components include brightly colored Hawaiian shirts, loose-fitting linen pants or board shorts, and a variety of accessories like oversized sunglasses, a captain's hat or a bandana, and flip-flops or sandals. Moondog's look is often completed with a long, scruffy beard and tousled hair, reflecting his laid-back and unkempt appearance.

Moondog's hairstyle is an important part of his character's look. He sports long, messy, and slightly curly hair, often styled in a casual, beachy manner. Use a long blonde wig and style it to achieve a tousled look. Moondog also has a long, scruffy beard, which can be replicated with a fake beard or by growing and styling your own facial hair to match his unkempt style.

For Moondog's clothing, choose relaxed and casual beachwear. Brightly colored or patterned Hawaiian shirts are perfect for capturing his eccentric style. Pair these with loose linen pants or board shorts for a true beach bum look. Choose clothing that looks comfortable and lived-in to reflect Moondog's carefree attitude.

Key accessories for a Moondog costume include oversized sunglasses, often tinted or in unusual shapes, and a captain's hat or a bandana to wear on your head. Flip-flops or sandals are essential for his beach-bum look. You can also carry a prop like a fake joint or a bottle of beer, keeping in mind the setting and appropriateness of such props.

To capture Moondog's essence, focus on his relaxed demeanor, his poetic outlook on life, and his love for fun and adventure. He's a character who embraces life's pleasures without concern for societal norms. Some phrases that reflect Moondog's character are: "Life's a fing rodeo. I'm gonna suck the nectar out of it and f it raw.," "One day I will swallow up the world, and when I do, I hope you all perish violently.," "I'm a bottom feeder. I gotta go low to get high.," "The world is conspiring to make me happy." and "Keep laughing. It's the only way to keep from crying." These phrases and traits showcase Moondog's hedonistic philosophy, his whimsical nature, and his defiant attitude towards conventional living, making them perfect for bringing your portrayal of him to life.

About Moondog

Because of his stoner lifestyle, Moondog indulges in escapades that displease his daughter Heather and his agent, Lewis. He discovers that Minnie, his wife, and Lingerie, his friend, are having an affair. Minnie eventually tracks down Moondog and the two of them ends up having drinks at a local bar. These drinks later result in Minnie getting into a deadly accident.

Moondog gets half of her estate, but Heather controls it. He gets involved in even more escapades which result in him being wanted by the law. This prompts Moondog to flee to the Key West with lots of the potent Jamaican weed in tow. Eventually, Moondog completes his book, which he titled “The Beach Bum.” This earned him a Pulitzer-prize and his impressed daughter, Heather, unfreezes his share of Minnie’s estate. Matthew McConaughey plays Moondog, which earned him praise from critics.


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