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Monique is a recurring character from the early-2000s hit Disney show, Kim Possible. She was voiced by then teen star, Raven Symoné, who was also the main star of her own Disney show entitled, That’s So Raven. Monique is considered to be Kim’s best girlfriend. Though Kim doesn’t hang out with Monique as much as Ron Stoppable, Monique is still an essential character in Kim’s “normal” life. Monique is always giving Kim honest advice about school and life and acts as an excellent offset to Ron’s more out-of-touch antics. Monique is also a good friend to discuss topics and conversations that really wouldn’t be relevant to Ron.

Get the look of the reliable girlfriend with this Monique from Kim Possible costume guide. To kill it in Monique’s fashionable outfit, you will need to dress up in a Black Turtle Neck, Cargo Pants, Military Belt, Gold Disc Shaped Earrings, Black Gloves, and Black Shoes.

Monique Cosplay Costumes

Monique is known to have a very direct, no-nonsense attitude, often giving Ron Stoppable a wake-up call back to reality when needed. This doesn’t mean that she’s mean or cold, however. Monique is actually very kind with a warm personality. Her outfit would make a great costume for anyone who wants to take on a character but still look sleek with an obvious eye for fashion. Monique’s eye for fashion has made her an important asset when it came time to create Kim’s new mission uniform. Her style and coolness factor isn’t dated at all. Even though she’s a character from the early 2000s, Monique is still a great costume choice for any era.

Don’t go fighting crime or facings the perils of high school alone! Kim Possible’s crew would be a fun and fantastic option for group cosplay! Gather your best friends and have them dress up as Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Shego, or one of the Bebes from the classic animated Disney show.

Monique Costume Tips & FAQs

Get ready to embody the style and charisma of Monique from the beloved series “Kim Possible” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Dive into creating a look that captures Monique’s fashionable and confident persona as we answer your top questions about crafting her iconic appearance.

Monique's look is trendy yet simple, reflecting her fashion-forward personality. Key components include a green or teal top, often sleeveless or with short sleeves, blue jeans or pants, and a stylish belt. Monique also wears hoop earrings and has a neat, stylish hairstyle, typically with her hair down and straight. Her shoes are usually casual, like sneakers or flats.

Monique has a sleek and straight hairstyle, usually worn down. To replicate this, straighten your hair or use a straight wig. Monique's hair is also characterized by its volume and shine, so consider using a volumizing product to achieve a similar look.

Monique's makeup is natural with a focus on the eyes. Use neutral eyeshadows, a bit of eyeliner, and mascara to enhance your eyes. A light blush and a natural lip color will complete the look, keeping it fresh and simple.

Essential accessories for Monique's costume include large hoop earrings, which are a staple of her look. Additionally, a stylish belt to complement her jeans or pants will add to the authenticity of the character. Keep jewelry and additional accessories minimal, as Monique's style is more about simplicity and elegance.

To bring more authenticity to your Monique costume, consider using some of her memorable quotes: "Girl, you need to chill.," "Kim, we've got a sitch here!," "I'm all about expressing yourself.," "That's just wrong on so many levels." and "You know, for someone who's supposed to be a mad genius, I'm not seeing much of the genius." These quotes capture Monique's witty, supportive, and expressive personality, making them perfect for adding an extra layer of character to your portrayal.

About Monique

Monique is so hip that Kim Possible often describes her style of speaking as “Monique-speak.” She likes to talk in acronyms such as “NBF” for New Best Friend or “GF” for Girlfriend. On rare occasions, Monique can assist Kim on one of her many missions, even though she doesn’t have any fighting skills per se. However, in an episode entitled “A Sitch in Time, Part One: Present,” that after 20 years, in an alternate timeline, Monique’s fighting skills improve significantly. During this particular episode, Raven Symoné takes a rest as Monique’s voice while the character is voiced by the popular actress and celebrity, Vivica Fox.

Not a lot is known about Monique’s family or personal life. The most she has shared on the show is her complaints about having terrible luck with boyfriends and having a brother who gets her hooked on things like wrestling. The only other thing we know of her family is that her father enjoys playing golf.


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