How to Dress Like Mona the Vampire

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Long Sleeve Polo
Skater Skirt
Black Bow Tie
Vampire Fangs
Braid Wig
Hair Bows
Pink Blush
Suede Moccasin
High Ankle Socks
Purple Cape

Best Mona the Vampire Costume Guide

More commonly known to her family and friends as Mona Parker, Mona the Vampire is a ten-year-old girl who tries to convince people that she is a vampire superhero. She seems to truly believe it herself, at least. Because of her quirky personality, she is the main character of the Canadian children’s animated television series, Mona the Vampire. This television show is based on a 1990s book series by the same name that was authored by Sonia Holleyman, and later on Hiawyn Oram. Both the book and television series follow the adventures of Mona and her two best friends, Princess Giant and Zapman. Get the look of the imaginative girl with this Mona the Vampire costume guide.

Sink your teeth into some Halloween spirit by cosplaying Mona’s look wearing a Braid Wig, Vampire Fangs, Pink Blush, Long Sleeve Polo, Black Bow Tie, Skater Skirt, High Ankle Socks, Suede Moccasin, Purple Cape, and Hair Bows.

Mona the Vampire Cosplay Costumes

Mona the Vampire is a quirky little kid with a wide imagination. One can’t help believing Mona when she says she’s a vampire superhero because she seems to have herself pretty convinced she really is. Cosplaying as her is a two-for-one costume. You will be dressing up as a young girl who is dressing up as a vampire. To do that, you need to don a braid wig with hair bows and wear a long sleeve polo with a skater skirt, high ankle socks, and suede moccasins. That makes you look quite like a young girl the same age as Mona. Then comes the fun part: put on a black bow tie, a purple cape, and of course, some vampire fangs. Voila! A little girl dressed as a vampire!

Fight villains and monsters with the rest of your friends! Let them cosplay as Zapman or Princess Giant and have a youthful good time!

Mona the Vampire Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the imaginative and spooky world of “Mona the Vampire,” the adventurous and creative young heroine from the popular children’s animated series. Perfect for cartoon-themed events, Halloween parties, or cosplay, this guide will help you recreate Mona’s distinctive vampire look, capturing her playful and adventurous spirit.

Mona's vampire costume is playful and iconic. It includes a black dress with a red collar, reminiscent of a vampire cape. She pairs this with black and red striped leggings and red boots. Her look is completed with a black headband with attached vampire fangs and bat wings, giving her the appearance of a young, imaginative vampire.

Mona has short, spiky, auburn hair that sticks out in various directions, adding to her energetic and spirited personality. To achieve this look, use hair gel or wax to spike your hair (or a wig) into a similar style. If your hair isn't naturally auburn, consider using temporary hair dye or an auburn-colored wig.

Key accessories for a Mona the Vampire costume include her black headband with vampire fangs and bat wings, which is central to her vampire persona. Additionally, she often carries a toy bat named Fang, her loyal sidekick. A small stuffed bat or a bat toy can be included to complete the outfit.

Mona's black dress is simple but should feature a red collar that mimics the look of a vampire cape. The striped leggings are a striking black and red, and the boots should be bright red to match the color scheme of her costume. The outfit is playful and reflects her imaginative nature.

Mona, known for her vivid imagination and adventurous antics, often exclaims, "Zap-Action!", or "Fang-tastic!" during her pretend-play adventures. She's always ready to explore and solve mysteries, so adopting an inquisitive and brave demeanor will bring her character to life.

About Mona the Vampire

Not only has Mona convinced everybody that she’s a vampire superhero, but she has also managed to convince her two best friends Lily Duncan and Charles Bones to be superheroes named Princess Giant and Zapman, respectively, as well. Together, the trio goes on a host of different adventures with Mona the Vampire’s pet cat, Fang. They always find themselves imagining scenarios where they go against supernatural enemies or solving supernatural mysteries. All of which somehow happen in real life. Mona the Vampire and her two superhero best friends are quite convinced that their town is controlled and run by monsters and supernatural creatures of all kinds. The trio, led by Mona, get into all kinds of trouble trying to “save” their town. At the end of each episode, however, viewers are let in on the rational explanations for whatever “supernatural” occurrences conjured up in their imaginative minds.

Mona the Vampire

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