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Long Curly Dark Brown Wig
Wooden Paddle Replica with Varnish Coating
Women's Fairytale Dress for Moana
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Best Moana Costume Guide

Venture to the small Polynesian island of Motunui dressed up Moana, the daughter of Chief Tui, from the 56th Walt Disney animated feature film. Voiced by Auli’i Cravalho, Moana is chosen to return the heart of the ocean to Te Kā. She must set sail dressed in this tropical costume with Maui, a legendary shape-shifting demigod, as she seeks to save her people.

Get the same look as the strong-willed Moana with a Long Curly Dark Brown Wig, Women’s Fairytale Dress for Moana, Moana’s Magical Seashell Necklace, Hawaiian Poly-Silk Ti Leaf Hula Skirt, and Wooden Paddle Replica with Varnish Coating.

Moana Cosplay Costumes

In true Disney style, newcomer Moana is just one of their many stunning characters to cosplay. If you already have long hair, then the battle is half won! As with every character portrayal, guys or girls can take on this new addition to the Disney family. Think tropical when picking out a dress for Moana. While true to the big screen, a cropped shirt is not necessary to pull off her look, a Hawaiian themed dress or leaf hula skirt will suffice. As far as props, a small wooden replica paddle and a necklace with an oversized pendant will complete your Moana cosplay!

Moana has some unique pets. A stuffed pig or rooster could accurately represent her animal companions, Pua and Heihei. Another newcomer from this movie is character Maui, voiced by Dwayne Johnson and would be fun to include in group endeavors. Moana’s grandmother Tala and her father Chief Tui are also additional characters to toss into the mix. Definitely check out our featured pics below for more style ideas. Be sure to send in some of your own as well!

Moana Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on an epic journey across the seas with our detailed costume guide FAQ for Moana, the brave and spirited heroine from Disney’s “Moana.” This guide is tailored to help you recreate Moana’s iconic island look, capturing her connection with the ocean and her Polynesian heritage.

Moana's costume consists of a red tube top with Polynesian prints, a wraparound skirt made of banana leaves and tapa cloth, and a sash tied around the waist. Her outfit is completed with a necklace holding the Heart of Te Fiti. Moana is also known for her long, wavy hair and bare feet, embracing her islander roots.

For Moana's top, use a red fabric with Polynesian patterns or hand-paint the designs on a plain red tube top. The skirt can be made from green fabric or felt, cut into leaf shapes and layered to resemble banana leaves, with a tapa cloth patterned section at the top.

Moana's necklace can be created using a blue or green semi-transparent stone or resin for the Heart of Te Fiti, set in a woven or braided cord. The necklace is an essential element, symbolizing Moana's journey and her connection to the ocean and nature.

Moana has long, thick, wavy hair. To replicate her hairstyle, you can either use your natural hair if it's similar or opt for a long, wavy wig. Enhance the look with a flower or a small seashell hair accessory to accentuate the island theme.

Including Moana's quotes will make your portrayal more authentic. Here are some memorable ones: "I am Moana of Motunui. You will board my boat, sail across the sea, and restore the heart of Te Fiti.," "The ocean chose me for a reason.," "I may not be a navigator, but I know where I stand.," "See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me. And no one knows, how far it goes." and "I know the way!." These quotes capture Moana's determination, her connection with the ocean, and her adventurous spirit, making them perfect for enhancing your cosplay.

About Moana of Motunui

The sixteen-year-old daughter to the chief of a Polynesian tribe, Moana is a beautiful and strong willed girl with a fresh sense of adventure. Chosen by the ocean to complete a difficult task to save her island from certain extinction. Like any teenager, she wasn’t sure she could complete her task and tried to get out of it! But driven by faith and the departed spirit of her grandmother, she faces her challenge head on and with success!

Opposition arises in the form of her overprotective father Chief Tui, whom Moana is forced to disobey to save her people. Forming a shaky alliance with a shapeshifting demigod named Maui to help her with her trial, Moana learns to trust her instincts and believe in herself. She may have left her island as an immature girl, but she returned successfully as a strong, budding young woman. In a story of strength and beauty, if you’re looking for a fresh cosplay idea, look no further than Moana!


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