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Mr. Terrific Black Jacket
Black Face Paint (Paint into the letter T)
Black T-Shirt
Leather Biker Chap Pant
Fingerless Gloves
Industrial Rubber Boot

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Michael Holt’s DC Comics version of Mr. Terrific first appeared in the comic book Spectre (vol. 3) #54 in 1997. Now you can catch a more modern version of the character on the CW’s television show Arrow. Holt grew up as a prodigy, but eventually acquired 14 Ph.Ds, became a self-made millionaire, and won a gold medal in the decathlon. While contemplating suicide after the death of his wife and unborn child, Michael Holt was inspired by the superhero known as Mister Terrific. He soon takes on this persona which has way more style than most superheroes. Get the look of the extremely intelligent man with this Mister Terrific costume guide.

Cosplay the look of Mister Terrific with a Mr. Terrific Black Jacket, Leather Biker Chap Pants, Industrial Rubber Boots, Finger-less Gloves, Black T-Shirt, T-Spheres, and Black Face Paint. Mr. Terrific’s look is definitely one of a kind, but now you can recreate his popular look!

Mr. Terrific Cosplay Costumes

Grab your T-Spheres because it’s time to turn terrific—Mr. Terrific that is! This cosplay of Mr. Terrific is the way to go for a quick and easy cosplay idea. Mr. Terrific’s jacket, T-Spheres, and black mask are going to be the easiest to find online. The rest of the costume pieces you can most likely find in your own closet or a local thrift shop. Whatever pieces you may have trouble finding can be found online with very little effort!

Mr. Terrific has fought alongside some pretty awesome superheroes, as a member of the Justice Society of America, which makes this costume a great idea for group cosplay! Turn this one-man-show into a group look by getting your friends to dress as Green Arrow, Black Canary, and the Green Lantern. Submit a picture of Mr. Terrific to show others how you have pieced the costume together using this costume guide.

Mr. Terrific Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the world of vigilante justice as Mr. Terrific, the brilliant and skilled hero from the “Arrow” TV series. Our Mr. Terrific costume guide FAQ will assist you in capturing his unique and technologically advanced appearance, perfect for fans of the Arrowverse, comic book conventions, or superhero-themed events.

Mr. Terrific's costume in "Arrow" is sleek, functional, and emblematic of his persona. Key elements include a black leather jacket or vest with distinctive, silver T-shaped designs on the arms and chest. Beneath the jacket, he wears a black, long-sleeve, tactical shirt. The costume also features black tactical pants, combat boots, and fingerless gloves. Mr. Terrific's look is completed with a black mask that covers the top half of his face, leaving his eyes exposed.

To recreate Mr. Terrific's iconic jacket, start with a black leather jacket or vest. Use silver fabric paint or adhesive fabric tape to create the T-shaped designs on the arms and chest. These designs are a crucial part of his identity, so aim to replicate them as accurately as possible.

For the underlying clothing, wear a black, long-sleeve tactical shirt, which can be found at military surplus or outdoor stores. Pair this with black tactical pants and combat boots for a look ready for action. Fingerless gloves will add to the costume's combat-ready appearance.

A key detail is Mr. Terrific's black mask, which can be created using black fabric or face paint. The mask should cover the forehead and the area around the eyes. If you choose to use face paint, ensure it's smudge-proof for longevity. Additionally, Mr. Terrific's hair is often styled in short, tight cornrows, which is a significant aspect of his look.

Including Mr. Terrific's quotes can bring authenticity to your portrayal. Here are some memorable lines: "Fair play. It's kind of my thing.," "There's a difference between not knowing something and not wanting to admit something.," "I'm just a guy trying to do the right thing.," "I believe in you. Even if you don't believe in yourself." and "Terrific, right?." These quotes capture Mr. Terrific's intelligence, sense of justice, and commitment to his values, making them ideal for enhancing your portrayal of this dynamic character.

About Mr. Terrific

Michael Holt is the second DC Comics superhero to take on the name Mr. Terrific. Other than his T-Spheres that make him invisible to technology, Mr. Terrific lacks any superhero strength or ability. He greatly excels in intelligence being compared to scientists like Einstein. Ever since he was a young boy, he has had a knack for advanced scientific studies and later went on to achieve 14 advanced Ph.Ds.

When his brother, wife, and unborn child died, Michael contemplated committing suicide, but was approached by the Spirit of the God’s Spectre who told him about the previous Mr. Terrific and decided to continue his legacy. Even though he doesn’t possess any superhero abilities, he is a genius and has skills in gymnastics, martial arts, and tactical analysis. He also utilizes his T-Spheres and T-Mask that are advanced tools most humans couldn’t have created. He uses his unique skill set to protect those in need and to seek justice for those who deserve it.

Mr. Terrific

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