How to Dress Like Miss Pauling

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Long Sleeve Shirt
Pencil Skirt
Eye Glasses
Wide Leather Belt
Ankle Boots
Black Wig

Best Miss Pauling Costume Guide

Miss Pauling is a character on the popular team-based multiplayer shooting game Team Fortress 2. There are several non-playable characters on the game, and Miss Pauling happens to be one of them. She is the ever-so-loyal assistant to the Administrator, another non-playable character whose purpose is to provide the information about time limits and game objectives to the players. Despite everyone’s views on the rigid and strict Administrator, Miss Pauling is always quick to defend her, saying that the Administrator is much better than how people, or other characters, may perceive. Miss Pauling is so loyal to the Administrator that she often does tasks for her even if she doesn’t necessarily agree with them. Get the look of the devoted assistant with this Miss Pauling costume guide.

Cosplay Miss Pauling’s badass corporate look with a Black Wig, Glasses, a Long Sleeve Shirt, a Pencil Skirt, a Wide Leather Belt, Ankle Boots, and a Clipboard.

Miss Pauling Cosplay Costumes

Miss Pauling isn’t just any assistant; she’s a master of multitasking, balancing her intense loyalty to the Administrator with her knack for handling the unexpected. Her attire is as practical as it is stylish, reflecting her ability to stay prepared for any situation. To capture Miss Pauling’s look, focus on combining practicality with professionalism. A comfortable yet chic long sleeve shirt and a fitted pencil skirt are essentials, along with a wide leather belt that signifies her ready-for-anything attitude. Ankle boots ensure you’re prepared to sprint into action or stand your ground during critical moments.

Accessorize with eye glasses to mirror Miss Pauling’s sharp eye for detail, and don a black wig to match her distinctive hairstyle. This ensemble isn’t just for Halloween; it’s perfect for cosplay events, video game-themed parties, or any occasion where you want to channel a character known for her intelligence and efficiency. As Miss Pauling, you can team up with friends dressed as other “Team Fortress 2” characters for a group costume that’s sure to impress, demonstrating the unity and diversity of the game’s beloved cast.

Miss Pauling Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of “Team Fortress 2” with our costume guide FAQ for Miss Pauling, the loyal and efficient assistant to the Administrator. Ideal for gaming conventions, cosplay events, or themed parties, this guide will help you capture Miss Pauling’s smart, professional look, embodying the essence of this pivotal character in the game’s universe.

Miss Pauling's outfit is a perfect blend of professional and practical. It includes a purple short-sleeved dress with a white collar and a black belt, a pair of black framed glasses, black tights or stockings, and a pair of sensible black shoes. Her look is tidy and business-like, reflecting her role as a reliable assistant.

Miss Pauling has a neat, chin-length bob with bangs. Her hair is a deep red or auburn color. To achieve this look, you may need to cut and dye your hair accordingly or use a wig. The key is to keep the style sleek and professional.

Essential accessories for Miss Pauling's costume include her black framed glasses, which are a signature part of her look. Additionally, a clipboard with paperwork, as she is often seen organizing and planning, can add authenticity to the costume. A headset or earpiece can also be included to signify her constant communication with the Administrator.

Miss Pauling's purple dress is relatively simple but should have a white collar and a black belt to be accurate. The dress is typically knee-length and should have short sleeves. The simplicity and color are what make it distinctive.

Miss Pauling, known for her efficiency and dedication, has several memorable lines such as, "I have a lot of blood and I'd like to keep it inside my body, where it belongs," and "You've killed more men than Cecil B. DeMille!" Her dialogue often reflects her pragmatic approach to her work and her interactions with the mercenaries.

About Miss Pauling

In the action-packed universe of “Team Fortress 2,” Miss Pauling plays a crucial role as the right-hand woman to the mysterious Administrator. Her job involves everything from coordinating the team’s missions to dealing with the aftermath of their battles, always with a calm and collected approach. Her loyalty and dedication to her work make her an indispensable part of the team, even if she prefers to stay behind the scenes. Miss Pauling’s intelligence and resourcefulness shine through in every task she undertakes, making her a character players admire and respect.

Miss Pauling’s interactions with the team members reveal her as a figure of authority and efficiency, respected and relied upon by all. Her unique position allows her to navigate the turbulent waters of “Team Fortress 2″‘s world with ease, making her one of the game’s most intriguing characters. Her appearance, from her practical attire to her signature glasses and black hair, reflects her straightforward approach to her duties. Miss Pauling’s character adds depth to the game’s narrative, showcasing the importance of those who orchestrate the action from the shadows.

Miss Pauling

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