How to Dress Like Miss Pauling

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Miss Pauling Costume Guide
Long Sleeve Shirt
Pencil Skirt
Eye Glasses
Wide Leather Belt
Ankle Boots
Black Wig

Best Miss Pauling Costume Guide

Miss Pauling is a character on the popular team-based multiplayer shooting game Team Fortress 2. There are several non-playable characters on the game, and Miss Pauling happens to be one of them. She is the ever-so-loyal assistant to the Administrator, another non-playable character whose purpose is to provide the information about time limits and game objectives to the players. Despite everyone’s views on the rigid and strict Administrator, Miss Pauling is always quick to defend her, saying that the Administrator is much better than how people, or other characters, may perceive. Miss Pauling is so loyal to the Administrator that she often does tasks for her even if she doesn’t necessarily agree with them. Get the look of the devoted assistant with this Miss Pauling costume guide.

Cosplay Miss Pauling’s badass corporate look with a Black Wig, Glasses, a Long Sleeve Shirt, a Pencil Skirt, a Wide Leather Belt, Ankle Boots, and a Clipboard.


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