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Best Miss Argentina Costume Guide

Miss Argentina, also known as The Receptionist, is a secondary character from the huge comedy/horror hit movie Beetlejuice. Miss Argentina is seen behind the front desk in the waiting room of the Netherworld, where recently deceased characters Adam and Barbara are sent to learn about their new after-life. In the film she is played by actor Patrice Martinez.

Miss Argentina appears disinterested in her job and doesn’t particularly care about the recently deceased people she needs to serve. She appears to have slit her own wrists, and was unaware she would be condemned to an afterlife working as a bureaucrat as punishment. If you want the look of the Netherworld’s receptionist and former beauty pageant participant, you’ll need a Red Wig, Full Body Suit, Face Paint, Eye Shadow, Red Lipstick, Miss Argentina Costume and Black Heels.

Miss Argentina Cosplay Costumes

Miss Argentina may only play a small role in Tim Burton’s zany film Beetlejuice, but she is quite memorable to fans of the movie. Who hasn’t dreamed of dressing as a green skinned former beauty pageant contested who committed suicide by slashing her wrists and ended up working in the afterlife’s equivalent of the DMV? Well now is your chance with this great costume guide for Miss Argentina.

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Miss Argentina Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the vibrant afterlife with our costume guide FAQ for Miss Argentina from “Beetlejuice.” This guide is dedicated to capturing the essence of the unforgettable afterlife receptionist with her striking appearance and memorable demeanor. Whether you’re attending a themed party or participating in a cosplay event, we’ve compiled the most common questions and answers to help you transform into this iconic character.

Miss Argentina's costume is instantly recognizable by her bright green skin, vibrant red hair styled into an updo, and a dazzling blue sash that reads "Miss Argentina." She wears a deep teal, strapless gown with ruffle detailing at the bottom. Accessorizing with green earrings and red shoes will complete the ensemble, capturing her unique look perfectly.

To replicate Miss Argentina's green skin tone, use high-quality body paint or makeup. Choose a bright, vivid green and apply it evenly over all visible skin areas. Make sure to set the makeup with a setting powder or spray to prevent it from smudging or wearing off throughout the day.

For the makeup, focus on bold, exaggerated features such as bright red lipstick, dramatic eyelashes, and a touch of blush to highlight the cheeks. Miss Argentina's hair should be styled into a large, voluminous updo with bright red color. If your hair doesn't match, consider using a wig that can be styled accordingly. Don't forget her distinctive beauty mark above the left side of her lip.

You can create the Miss Argentina sash by purchasing a wide ribbon or fabric in a bright blue color. Use fabric paint or iron-on letters to add the "Miss Argentina" text. Ensure the sash is long enough to drape over one shoulder and across the body, similar to pageant sashes.

Embodying Miss Argentina in cosplay is not just about the look; incorporating her quotes will bring her character to life. Some memorable lines include: "If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have had my little accident.," "Don't even think about it. The living ignore the strange and unusual. I, myself, am strange and unusual.," "We're very unhappy." and "In case you haven't noticed, I'm not all there myself." These quotes reflect her sardonic wit and resignation to her afterlife duties, adding depth to your portrayal of Miss Argentina.

About Miss Argentina

Miss Argentina is a fictional character in the warped world of Tim Burton’s 1988 film Beetlejuice. She is also known as The Receptionist, or Miss Receptionist, due to her employment in the Netherworld where she shows very little enthusiasm for her work. She is, for some reason, green skinned, with bright red hair, and is introduced to us in the film when Adam and Barbara first travel to the Netherworld and find themselves in a waiting room resembling a poorly organised DMV office full of freaky characters.

The bandages on her wrist indicate that she committed suicide, and she reveals that if she knew then what she knows now, she wouldn’t have done it. This refers to the fact that those who die from suicide are relegated to boring bureaucratic jobs in the afterlife. Resigned to her fate, she seems completely disinterested in her role helping the recently deceased.

Miss Argentina

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