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Best Misato Katsuragi Costume Guide

Misato Katusragi is the leader and director at NERV. She tries to keep her messy personal life and professional work life separate and does her best to focus on her job. She’s not your usual girl as she enjoys a good beer or two and has a deep fascination with cars. She can be seen driving her bright blue Renault Alpine A310. She also had a poster of an earlier Alpine model in her room at one point.

Misato Katusragi is a high ranking commander and takes her leadership role seriously. She usually carries handguns with her while working at NERV and is known to be a pretty accurate shooter. She keeps relationships at a professional distance, which is most likely due to her relationship with her father. If you want to rise through the ranks as Misato Katusragi get a Long Hair Wig, Misato Uniform Costume, Misato Cross Necklace, Combat Boots, and Toy Spring Pistol.

Misato Katsuragi Cosplay Costumes

Misato Katusragi is one of the higher-ranking officials at NERV. Her status means she needs to look presentable and ready for duty at all times. People are looking to Misato as an example, so she must lead well. Every girl needs a little black dress in her closest, and Misato is no different. She adds tomboy elements with the red jacket and combat boots, showing that she isn’t the person to mess with. Get your battle strategies ready and be prepared to fight, or at least lead the team into battle.

Misato’s costume would be even better if you could get a group to cosplay together. Call up some friends who love Neon Genesis Evangelion just as much as you! They could come dressed as people from the Command Center, or even other members of NERV. Get creative with the characters you pair with Misato to be the best team in the organization! 

Misato Katsuragi Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of “Neon Genesis Evangelion” with our costume guide FAQ for Misato Katsuragi, one of the series’ most dynamic and charismatic characters. Known for her leadership role in NERV and her distinctive style, this guide will help you accurately recreate Misato’s iconic look, reflecting her complex personality and pivotal role in the anime.

Misato's most iconic outfit is her NERV uniform, which consists of a dark blue military-style jacket with red trim and the NERV logo on the sleeves, a white short-sleeved blouse underneath, a black skirt, black pantyhose, and black high-heeled shoes. She is also recognized for her unique cross pendant necklace, which is a crucial part of her look.

Misato has long, wavy purple hair that falls just below her shoulders, often with one side tucked behind her ear. For an authentic look, you might consider a purple wig if your hair doesn't match. Her makeup is typically minimal, focusing on a natural look with perhaps a bit more emphasis on the eyes.

Misato wears black high-heeled shoes with her NERV uniform. The heels are not excessively high, balancing professionalism with practicality. Any comfortable black heels that match this description would be suitable.

The most important accessory for a Misato cosplay is her cross pendant necklace, which holds significant meaning in the series. Additionally, she is often seen with a can of beer, which could be a fun prop to include for authenticity, especially in casual or off-duty representations.

Misato is known for her confident and sometimes playful attitude. Some memorable quotes include: "All it takes for a man to be a man is the heart to fight." and "Doing something and getting it wrong is at least ten times more productive than doing nothing." Emulating Misato's confident stance, often with hands on hips or gesturing expressively, can bring your costume to life. She's a character known for her strength, leadership qualities, and occasional bouts of humor and vulnerability, all of which can be reflected in how you portray her.

About Misato Katsuragi

Misato Katusragi is from the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion and voiced by Allison Keith. Misato grew up as a quiet girl after losing her father during the Second Impact. She keeps a cross pendant around her neck at all times since that was the last thing he gave her before putting her in a capsule to save her life. Although she takes her role very seriously at NERV, she often reflects how obsessed her father was on the job. He never spent any time with her or her mother, and she has resented him for that. 

Misato’s time working at NERV has earned her a high ranking and respect from fellow workers. She carries a sidearm that is used by most NERV personnel but doesn’t use it often. She often drives a Renault Alpine 310, but can also be seen driving a Toyota MR2 AW11. She loves to make weird food combinations and is often seen drinking beer or coffee.

Misato Katsuragi

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