How to Dress Like Minnie Mouse

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Minnie Mouse Costume Guide
Minnie Mouse Ears
Red Vintage Polka Dots Dress
Minnie Mouse Sterling Silver Earrings
Fashion Lashes
White Bloomers with Tiered Ruffled Legs
''Mickey Mitts'' Plush Gloves
Nine West Yellow Leather Ballet Flat

Best Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume Guide

Grab your boyfriend Mickey Mouse and become the iconic Walt Disney character Minnie Mouse, the lovable Disney character and close friend of Daisy Duck who is often seen in her signature red polka dot dress. Hop into a costume made up of a Red Vintage Polka Dots Dress, Nine West Yellow Leather Ballet Flats, and White Bloomers with Tiered Ruffled Legs. Accessorize just like the stylish mouse with Minnie Mouse Ears, ”Mickey Mitts” Plush Gloves, Minnie Mouse Sterling Silver Earrings, and Fashion Lashes.

Minnie Mouse Cosplay Costumes

When Walt Disney first created Mickey Mouse, he realized that Mickey needed another character to interact with. He then came up with the adorable and sweet Minnie Mouse. Minnie was originally created to look like a “flapper” girl, so most of her outfit comes from that style. Minnie wears a vintage polka-dot dress (usually red) with cute heels. For your own Minnie costume, be sure to include her hair bow and the iconic mouse ears! You can make your efforts a group costume by having friends dress as other classic Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, or Goofy.

About Minnie Mouse

Minnie has a sweet personality and is always kind to others. Minnie can also be a little flirtatious, especially when Mickie is around. Minnie is also very musical, and she’s often seen playing an instrument or dancing. Don’t forget to check out our photo gallery for inspiration for your own Minnie costume, and be sure to upload your own photos to the gallery!

Minnie Mouse

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