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Mina Ashido, known to her classmates as “Pinky,” is a student at U.A. High School in the popular Japanese anime series, My Hero Academia. She’s in Class 1-A, which is the same as the protagonist, Izuku Midoriya. Mina is one of the more outgoing characters in the series as she loves socializing with people. Mina also seems to have a smile on her face, always ready for a good laugh. Due to her playful nature, she doesn’t do very well in school. Her classmates think Mina is a little dumb, but she’s much smarter than she leads people to believe.

Mina’s Quirk is that she’s able to control corrosive liquid, like acid, from her body. She can change the strength and texture of the liquid, but only as long as her skin resists it. Get the look of “Pinky” with this Mina Ashido costume guide. Dress up as this happy-go-lucky character with a Mina Ashido Costume, Anime Cosplay Wig, Fact Paint, Mina Ashido Horns, and Mid-Calf Boot.

Mina Ashido Cosplay Costumes

Mina’s usual outfit is typical of most Japanese school uniforms. She may be silly and playful, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to let her dress get ruined. Mina’s Quirk gives her skin a pink shade that makes stands out from the other classmates. Her square-shaped eyes also make her stand out. Her hero costume is a white mask and a colored camouflage bodysuit. Her matching violet boots are acid-proof. They have holes in them so that she can produce acid from her feet to slide around. 

Mina isn’t your typical hero at U.A. High School. This is good news for cosplayers as it means you will be able to stand out a lot easier by dressing up with her look. Unlike the other students who look like everyday kids, Mina has a little something extra to help you stand out in the crowd.

Mina Ashido Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform into the vibrant and energetic Mina Ashido from “My Hero Academia,” the bubbly hero-in-training known for her unique acid powers. Our costume guide FAQ will assist you in recreating Mina’s eye-catching and colorful hero costume, capturing her lively personality and her distinctive alien-like appearance. We’ll explore your key questions about crafting her hero attire and embodying her cheerful spirit.

Mina Ashido's hero costume is as lively and distinctive as her personality. Key components include a tight-fitting, sleeveless black bodysuit with pink markings that resemble her acid quirk, a mini skirt, and custom knee-high boots. Her costume features a unique headpiece with two horn-like protrusions and a mask that covers her eyes, reflecting her alien-like appearance. She also wears arm-length gloves and has a small, circular belt buckle.

Mina is known for her unusual skin tone and vibrant hair. Her skin is a light pink hue, which can be achieved with body paint or a full-body suit if you prefer full coverage. Her hair is short and a darker shade of pink, styled in a playful, spiky manner. Use a wig dyed in a similar pink shade and style it to match her look.

The material for Mina's bodysuit should be stretchy and form-fitting, like spandex or lycra, to allow for easy movement. The suit should be primarily black, with pink markings that can be added using fabric paint or by sewing on colored fabric pieces.

Key details for Mina's costume include her unique headpiece, which can be made from lightweight craft foam or similar materials, and her eye mask, which should be comfortable to wear and allow for good visibility. Don't forget to add the circular belt buckle to complete her hero costume.

To bring authenticity to your Mina Ashido cosplay, consider using some of her memorable quotes: "Let's go, let's go, let's go!," "I wanna be a hero who can make people smile!," "I can't stop twinkling!," "We can't just let them do whatever they want!" and "Dancing is all about rhythm! If you have that, you'll be good at it!" These quotes capture Mina's enthusiastic, upbeat personality, and her desire to inspire and protect others, making them perfect for enhancing your portrayal of her character.

About Mina Ashido

My Hero Academia is a Japanese manga and anime series by the same name that treats superhumans as the norm. Having powers is just part of everyday life, and students are trained to become Pro Heroes. Mina Ashido is one such student who is studying at U.A. High School. She’s a pure of heart and a happy girl who hates bullying. In middle school, she was able to keep her friends safe from bullies and monsters, which led her to take the Entrance Exam. 

Mina isn’t the best student at the school, but she tries her best. Though her classmates may see her as a bit of an airhead, she tries to stay focused and get tutoring when she needs it. Mina has a lot of energy, which has led her to become good at dancing. Sometimes she takes dancing and socializing even more serious than hero work, but she’s always there when it counts.

Mina Ashido

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