How to Dress Like Milton Waddams

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Brown Mustache
Casio Calculator Watch
Bridged Square Glasses
Grey Short Sleeved Dress Shirt
Red Swingline Stapler
ID Badge Holder
Pocket Protector
Black Dress Pants
Dark Grey Pattern Tie
Grey Belt
Kenneth Cole Black Oxford Shoes

Best Milton Waddams Costume Guide

Milton Waddams, played by Stephen Root, is the meek officer worker who is regularly ignored and disregarded in the movie Office Space. Though the culture is horrible, management is overbearing, and the company is downsizing, Milton has reached his tipping point when Bill Lumbergh takes his red Swingline stapler. He ultimately burns the building down in retaliation. If you’re looking to cosplay a misfit from the corporate world at your next convention, Milton Waddams is a great costume. Dress up as the Office Space pushover with this Milton Waddams costume guide.

Cosplay Milton Waddams’ look with a Gray Short Sleeved Dress Shirt paired with Black Dress Pants and a Grey Belt. Add a Dark Grey Pattern Tie and a pair of Kenneth Cole Black Oxford Shoes to complete most of the look. Then, accessorize with the essential accessories for this cosplay—a Casio Calculator Watch, Bridged Square Glasses, ID Badge Holder, Pocket Protector, and Brown Mustache. Milton’s look is not complete without his signature Red Swingline Stapler.

Milton Waddams Cosplay Costumes

When attempting to pattern Milton Waddams’ look from Mike Judge’s comedy Office Space, think nondescript and nearly invisible. Milton doesn’t speak up for himself and blends into the business of the office. If you don’t already have similar clothing for this cosplay, you should be able to get what you need at a local thrift shop.

A dingy short sleeve collared shirt with a muted gray tie and a pair of black slacks is just about all you need for the clothing. Accessories are key for this look, though. Add a pair of square lens glasses, a pocket protector, and name badge. Finish off Milton’s style with a basic Casio watch and a red Swingline stapler. Group cosplay for this character can include other Office Space characters like the obnoxious Vice President Bill Lumbergh, Peter Gibbons, Bob Slydell, or Tom Smykowski. Send us your pics in to show us your best Milton Waddams look!

Milton Waddams Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the quirky and mundane world of “Office Space” by portraying Milton Waddams, the timid and mumbling character known for his attachment to his red Swingline stapler. This costume guide FAQ is designed to help you capture Milton’s distinct office-worker look, reflecting his meek personality and his passive-aggressive demeanor in the face of constant workplace neglect.

Milton Waddams' outfit is typical of an office worker from the late 1990s. His attire usually includes a short-sleeved, button-down shirt, often in drab colors like beige or light brown, paired with simple, nondescript slacks. A key accessory is a pair of thick, black-framed glasses, which are essential to his character. Additionally, Milton is almost always seen with his prized red Swingline stapler, a symbol of his attachment to his mundane office life.

Milton has a distinct, unkempt hairstyle with hair that's thinning on top. To replicate his look, consider a bald cap with a fringe of combed-over, disheveled hair around the sides, or style your own hair to mimic this pattern if applicable. His hairstyle contributes to his overall disheveled and neglected appearance.

Milton's makeup should be minimal, aimed at creating a pallid, slightly worn-out office worker appearance. A light application of makeup to create a slightly sallow complexion can be effective, and you might add subtle bags under the eyes to convey his tiredness and frustration.

The most crucial prop for a Milton Waddams costume is a red Swingline stapler, which is central to his character's storyline in "Office Space." You might also carry an office ID badge or have pens in the shirt pocket, adding to the office worker theme.

Incorporating some of Milton's mumbled, passive-aggressive quotes can add authenticity to your portrayal. Some examples are: "Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler.," "I could set the building on fire.," "I was told that I could listen to the radio at a reasonable volume.," "No, no, it's not okay, because if they take my stapler then I'll set the building on fire." and "I’m gonna need you to go ahead and move your desk again." These quotes capture Milton's meek yet quietly resentful demeanor, as he copes with being overlooked and mistreated in the office.

About Milton Waddams

An office pushover and an all-around scardy cat, Milton Waddams, plays an interesting role in the cult classic Office Space. Bullied by his boss, underestimated, and ignored, Milton is disgruntled and suffers in increasingly difficult silence. All he wants is to work in peace in his cubicle and collect his paycheck. Neurotic and shy, Milton, played by Stephen Root, is incapable of speaking without stuttering.

Repeatedly downsized in the software company he works for, Milton grows angrier. His behavior begins to spill over in quiet outbursts. Milton begins to mutter about burning the place to the ground. He is partial to his red Swingline stapler, it’s his sanity. Once it is taken by his managerBill Lumberg, Milton becomes unhinged. He finally gets some backbone, seizes an amazing financial opportunity, and keeps his promise to watch the office go down in flames.

Milton Waddams

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