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Best Milo Thatch Costume Guide

Milo Thatch is the main character of the 2001 Disney movie, Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Milo who was orphaned by a railway accident when he was young was later adopted by his grandfather. He took to liking the subjects his grandfather enjoyed, languages and antiquities. After graduating from a prestigious school at a young age, he went on to become a linguist at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. Here, he proposes an exploratory trip to find a book called the Shepherd’s Journal in Iceland in the belief that it will lead him to the lost city of Atlantis. Get the look of the bookish explorer with this Milo Thatch costume guide.

Cosplay the explorer of the sunken city, Milo Thatch, by wearing Glasses, a Tank Top, Chino Pants, Web Belt, Chelsea Boots, and Canvas Leggings. Bring back an Atlantis Crystal to complete Milo’s cosplay look.

Milo Thatch Cosplay Costumes

Though remarkably smart and traditionally bookish, Milo is an adventurer at heart. Not many people would have what it takes to risk journeying to Atlantis. That’s what makes Milo’s spirit so infectious. Audiences can relate to his heart for adventure despite contrasting appearances. This mix of scholar and explorer is evident in how Milo was designed by animators. His style reflects that of an academic with a few tweaks that make him look ready to set sail. To nail this perfectly-balanced look, you will need to wear a basic tank top paired with a pair of chino pants and a pair of glasses. The web belt, canvas leggings, and Chelsea boots are a little more specific but should be accessible at many stores.

Don’travel out on an expedition alone! Call on your friends to cosplay the rest of the crew: Princess Kida, Audrey Rocio Ramirez, Vinny Santorini, The Mole, Cookie, and Dr. Joshua Strongbear Sweet.

Milo Thatch Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on an adventurous journey as Milo Thatch, the intrepid linguist and cartographer from Disney’s “Atlantis: The Lost Empire.” Our costume guide FAQ is designed to help you capture Milo’s scholarly yet adventurous spirit. Learn how to create a Milo Thatch costume that embodies his unique blend of academic intellect and unexpected heroism.

Milo's outfit is a mix of early 20th-century academic attire with a touch of adventure. Key components include a white, long-sleeved, button-up shirt, baggy brown trousers, and a brown vest. He also wears round, wire-rimmed glasses, a key element of his character. Milo's look is completed with brown boots suitable for exploration and a leather satchel for carrying his maps and notes.

Milo has distinct, messy brown hair and a youthful face. Style your hair (or a wig) to be slightly disheveled, with a bit of length. As for facial features, Milo has a clean-shaven look, so maintain a neat and fresh appearance. His round glasses are a must for the costume.

Milo wears practical brown boots, suitable for exploration and adventure. They should be sturdy and comfortable, with a simple, utilitarian design. The boots don't need to be too high; ankle or mid-calf boots will work well.

Key accessories for a Milo Thatch costume include his round, wire-rimmed glasses and a leather satchel. Optionally, carrying a rolled-up map or a journal can add authenticity to the costume, emphasizing his role as a cartographer and scholar.

To embody Milo Thatch, portray a sense of wonder and enthusiasm for knowledge and discovery. Adopt poses that reflect his curiosity, such as peering over glasses while examining an imaginary map or excitedly explaining an academic point. Emphasize his awkward yet endearing demeanor and his passion for Atlantis lore.

About Milo Thatch

Unlike the usual type of person you would expect to see on an expedition, Milo Thatch was never without a book on the journey to find Atlantis. This often made him the target of jokes and pranks among the crew. As a result he found it hard to connect and get along with other crew members. When they finally stumbled upon Atlantis, his love for knowledge, specifically linguistics, became a very valuable asset.

Milo was the only one able to communicate with the Atlanteans at first. After many challenges regarding the power source of the sunken city, the Heart of Atlantis, Milo is able to help save the future of the Atlantis. When the expedition is due to leave, Milo decides to stay, where he eventually marries Princess Kida and becomes the eleventh king of Atlantis. Milo Thatch is voiced by popular Back to the Future actor Michael J. Fox.

Milo Thatch

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