How to Dress Like Mike Wheeler

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Costume Breakdown
Short Straight Flapper Bob
Micro Plus Mid-Length Jacket
CA53W Calculator Watch
Rugby Striped Crest Patch Polo Shirt
Casual Skinny Cotton Twill Pants
Dickies The Classic Backpack
PUMA Men's Turin Fashion Sneaker
  1. Short Straight Flapper Bob Check Price
  2. Micro Plus Mid-Length Jacket Check Price
  3. CA53W Calculator Watch Check Price
  4. Rugby Striped Crest Patch Polo Shirt Check Price
  5. Casual Skinny Cotton Twill Pants Check Price
  6. Dickies The Classic Backpack Check Price
  7. PUMA Men's Turin Fashion Sneaker Check Price

Best Mike Wheeler Costume Guide

Travel to Hawkins, Indiana dressed like Mike Wheeler, the younger brother of Nancy Wheeler, from the Netflix TV series Stranger Things. Join Dustin Henderson and Lucas Sinclair as they try to find their missing best friend Will Byers with the help of Eleven. Get in costume with a Short Straight Flapper Bob, Long Sleeve Rugby Striped Crest Patch Polo Shirt, Casual Skinny Cotton Twill Pants, Micro Plus Mid-Length Jacket, CA53W Calculator Watch, PUMA Men’s Turin Fashion Sneaker, and Dickies The Classic Backpack.

Mike Wheeler Cosplay Costumes

Just like his older sister, Mike is trying to find his best friend who has happened to disappear into the night. He pairs up with Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, and Eleven to help track down where he may have gone. Speaking of pairings, Mike and his friends would be a great group cosplay to do with friends and if you happen to make an awesome costume, don’t hesitate to send over photos so we can feature them!

What you’ll need to get Mike’s look is a straight short bob wig, a beige micro mid-length jacket, a rugby striped polo shirt, skinny twill pants, Dickies classic backpack and finally a pair of black and white sneakers. Once you have all these pieces, you’ll sure be ready to head out into the woods for an adventure to find out some clues.

About Mike Wheeler

Mike experienced something similar to what happened to his older sister and that was the event of the disappearance of both of their friends. Mike and his friends were determined to find Will but they eventually stumbled across Eleven. It was clear after meeting her that she knew something about his disappearance that no one else yet quite knew. Eleven decided to help them look for their friend Will and during this time, Mike and Eleven grew quite close with one another and so he was pretty devastated with what Eleven chose to do later.

Mike happens to be a pretty big dreamer and he usually chooses to think in a creative mean which shows in his role for the game D&D. So when his friend Will suddenly went missing, he was pretty open to the fact that it could in fact maybe have some supernatural aspects at play.

Mike Wheeler Costume