How to Dress Like Mike Ditka

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Mike Ditka Costume Guide
Haggar Plaid Two-Button Suit
Paul Jones WhiteDress Shirts
Loftus Large Fake Puff Cigar
Amscan Wacky Facial Hair
SNL Da Bears Chicago Bears Sweater Vest
Owl Classic Aviator Style Sunglasses
Bruno Marc Gordon Brown Oxford Dress Shoes
Retreez Brown Wide Striped Tie

Best Mike Ditka Costume Guide

NFL Hall of Famer Mike Ditka isn’t a character per se, though Saturday Night Live did a good job of making him into one. However, he is a widely known personality and a fun and highly recognizable cosplay option. Take a look at this guide and we’ll help you pull off his trademark look. Let’s start with the small stuff, accessories. We chose a Large Fake Puff Cigar, some Amscan Wacky Facial Hair, and a pair of Owl Classic Aviator Style Sunglasses.

To get his trademark look, we chose a Haggar Plaid Two-Button Suit and added a White Dress Shirt and a Brown Wide Striped Tie. We capped off the outfit with a Chicago Bears Sweater Vest and a pair of Brown Oxford Dress Shoes.

Mike Ditka Cosplay Costumes

Mike Ditka’s look was immortalized on Saturday Night Live, the dress shirt and striped tie teamed with his trademark sweater vest, made him a recognizable to both sport’s fan and non-sport’s fans. A white long sleeve, buttoned up shirt and striped tie with a pair of khaki’s are the main parts of this outfit. They easily be found in your own closet or cheaply at any local thrift shop. We recommend ordering his sweater vest online, though we wouldn’t rule out your getting lucky during your trip to the thrift store.

Accessorize with a pair of mirrored aviator sunglasses and a fake cigar, both of which can be found at any party supply store along with his trademark mustache. For group cosplay, you can add players from any of the teams he played or coached like, The Chicago Bears, the Dallas Cowboys, the Philadelphia Eagles or the New Orleans Saints. Check out our featured pics for more style ideas. We welcome your pics as well!

About Mike Ditka

American Professional Football, Hall of Famer Mike Ditka began his career as a player at the University of Pittsburgh, before being drafted in1961 with the Chicago Bears. He won the prestigious, Offensive Rookie of the Year award while with this team. He went on to play for the Philadelphia Eagles and finally for the Dallas Cowboys. Following the 1972 season, Mike Ditka retired as a player and moved on to an equally successful career as a coach.

Initially taken on by Legendary Cowboy’s head coach Tom Landry as a special teams coach and an offensive assistant, he would go one to bring his team to the playoffs eight separate times and win Super Bowl XII while coaching the Chicago Bears. Voted coach of the year in 1985 and yet again in 1988, he would become the first tight end accepted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Ditka remains only one of two men to have won a Super Bowl as a player, assistant coach and head coach. He went on to a third, forth and even fifth career in broadcasting, motivational speaking and also a restaurateur.

Mike Ditka

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