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Best Midge Costume Guide

Ready to throw it back with a splash of vintage chic? Our Midge costume guide will have you channeling Barbie’s red-headed bestie in no time. Picture this: a Women’s Orange Wig Wavy with Bangs for that signature look, paired with a flirty V Neck Casual Summer Dress with Belt. Add some vibrant Eyeshadow Palette Makeup and Pink Lip Gloss to make those features pop. And, for the ultimate throwback, don’t forget the Inflatable Fake Pregnancy Belly.

Midge’s style is all about capturing that retro charm with a modern twist. Think bold, playful, and effortlessly stylish. The dress is key, giving you that perfect summer vibe. The wig brings Midge’s iconic hair to life, and the makeup adds the final touch to her cheerful look. It’s not just about dressing up; it’s about embodying Midge’s sweet and sassy spirit.

Midge Cosplay Costumes

Emulating Midge from the Barbie Movie is all about capturing her vibrant style and joyful spirit. Her character is celebrated for her retro flair and the heartfelt warmth she brings to her friendships. The orange wavy wig with bangs is essential for achieving Midge’s distinctive look, setting a playful and colorful tone. The V-neck summer dress not only reflects her vintage fashion sense but also complements her personality with its bright and cheerful design.

Accessorizing with eyeshadow palette makeup and pink lip gloss adds to Midge’s radiant and bubbly persona, highlighting her features with a touch of classic glamour. The inflatable fake pregnancy belly adds an authentic and humorous element to the costume, embracing one of Midge’s defining moments. Crisscross sandals complete the ensemble, ensuring comfort without compromising on style. Dressing up as Midge offers a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the character’s iconic look and the positive energy she represents, making it a great choice for themed parties, Halloween, or any occasion that calls for a dash of nostalgia and joy.

Midge Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the vibrant and nostalgic world of Midge, Barbie’s longtime best friend, with our engaging costume guide FAQ for Midge from the Barbie Movie. Known for her distinctive 1960s style, Midge brings a touch of retro charm and warmth to every scene she graces. This guide is designed to help fans capture Midge’s iconic look, perfect for themed events, cosplay, or any occasion where you want to embody her timeless elegance and friendship with Barbie.

Midge's outfit pays homage to her 1960s roots, featuring classic A-line dresses or skirts with high waists, vibrant patterns, and bold colors. Key elements include a polka dot or plaid dress, cat-eye glasses, a headband or scarf tied in her hair, and pearl earrings. Her shoes are often pointed flats or modest heels, completing the vintage look. Remember, Midge's style is all about bright, cheerful colors and patterns that reflect her optimistic personality.

Midge's hairstyle is typically a bouffant or a beehive, styles that were popular in the 1960s. To achieve this, you might need to tease your hair at the crown to create volume and use a headscarf or band to accessorize. Her makeup focuses on bold, winged eyeliner and pastel eyeshadows, with a soft, pink lipstick to finish the look. Don't forget the signature cat-eye glasses to truly capture her essence.

Accessories are crucial for nailing Midge's 1960s look. Opt for pearl necklaces or simple, elegant chokers, pearl earrings, and vintage brooches or pins for your dress. Cat-eye glasses, either with prescription lenses or as a fashion statement, are a must-have. Consider also a vintage handbag or clutch that matches your outfit to carry your essentials.

Midge's wardrobe is a celebration of 1960s fashion, so think bright, bold colors like pink, green, yellow, and blue. Patterns play a big part in her look, with polka dots, plaids, and floral prints being particularly iconic. When selecting fabrics, look for ones that have a vintage feel but still pop with color, maintaining the balance between authentic and vibrant.

While Midge's exact phrases from the Barbie Movie may vary, embodying her character is all about capturing her sunny disposition, loyalty, and wisdom. Phrases like "Always happy to lend a hand, Barbie!" or "A true friend is the greatest of all treasures" can reflect her supportive nature. Remember, Midge is not just about the look; it's her warmth, intelligence, and the depth of her friendship with Barbie that truly define her.

About Midge

Midge, in the Barbie Movie, is more than just a character; she’s a representation of enduring friendship, change, and the beauty of life’s various stages. Known for her retro style and infectious optimism, Midge brings a unique dynamic to Barbie’s circle of friends, highlighting themes of support, diversity, and the importance of embracing life’s transitions. Her orange wavy hair, vintage dresses, and joyful demeanor make her instantly recognizable, while her journey through motherhood adds depth to her character, showcasing her resilience and loving nature.

Midge’s role in the movie serves as a bridge between past and present, blending nostalgic elements with contemporary themes. Her character not only adds color and vibrancy to the storyline but also offers a nuanced portrayal of friendship and personal growth. Midge’s presence in the Barbie Movie enriches the narrative, reminding viewers of the value of history, the strength of bonds, and the joy that comes from celebrating every moment of life.


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