How to Dress Like Mick from Stranger Things

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Afro Wig
Red and Black Flannel
White T-Shirt with Pocket
Green Jacket
Washed Ripped Blue Jeans
Black Converse

Best Mick Costume Guide

Mick is a part of the cast of the hit Netflix show, Stranger Things, as an outcast that follows alongside Kali Prasad and her gang. Gabrielle Maiden portrays Mick, but we haven’t learned too much about Mick in season 2. We know that she joins in on Kali’s robberies and antics, but what impact does she have on Eleven and what does she have to do with Hawkins National Laboratory? Get the look of one of the latest Stranger Things cast members with this Mick costume guide.

Get Mick’s cosplay style with a Women’s White Shirt, Red and Black Flannel shirt, and a Green Jacket. Throw on a pair of Washed Ripped Blue Jeans, an Afro Wig, and a pair of Black Converse shoes. Since she’s living life on the run, Mick doesn’t always have the most choices in clothing options available!

Mick Cosplay Costumes

Mick is one of the latest minor characters from Stranger Things – Season 2, but she makes for a good character to add to any group costume along with Kali Prasad, Eleven, Max Hargrove, and Billy Hargrove. If you’re choosing to dress as Mick for your next cosplay, then you’re in luck! Some of her clothes are most likely already a part of your wardrobe, so check in your closet before spending going shopping!

You’ll need a basic white shirt and a flannel shirt if you don’t already have them. Then, throw on a pair of your own ripped blue jeans. You can find the green jacket at the thrift store as well a pair of Black Converse All-Stars. Head over to a costume shop to grab an afro wig, and you’re good to go! Send us a picture of your look with the rest of the Stranger Things crew, and we’ll show it off in Netflix’s Stanger Things costume gallery!

Mick Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the mysterious and thrilling world of “Stranger Things” with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ, focusing on the character Mick. This section is designed to help fans accurately capture Mick’s distinctive style and personality, making your transformation into this beloved character as authentic as possible.

Mick's outfit in "Stranger Things" typically includes vintage-inspired clothing reminiscent of the 1980s era. This might include a classic, patterned shirt, a pair of high-waisted jeans, and a signature jacket or coat that Mick is known for. Accessories like a distinctive hat or unique jewelry can also add to the authenticity of the costume.

To emulate Mick's hairstyle, focus on capturing the essence of the 80s hair trends, such as voluminous, perhaps slightly unkempt hair. If Mick has any specific hairstyle or color, aim to replicate that using wigs or temporary hair dyes. For makeup, keep it minimal and in line with the character's natural look, unless there are specific features (like scars, freckles, etc.) that are characteristic of Mick.

Essential props for a Mick costume can include items that are closely associated with the character's storyline or personality in "Stranger Things." This could be anything from a backpack, a specific gadget, a unique piece of jewelry, or any item that Mick is often seen with in the series.

The footwear for Mick's costume should be reflective of the 1980s style and suitable for the character's activities. This could be a pair of classic sneakers, boots, or any other style of shoe that Mick is frequently seen wearing in "Stranger Things."

While Mick from "Stranger Things" may not have iconic quotes like some other characters, embodying the character's personality and mannerisms can significantly enhance your cosplay. Observing Mick's interactions, his way of speaking, and his reactions in various scenes will provide you with a deeper understanding of how to portray him authentically. Remember, it's not just about the outfit but also about capturing the essence of Mick's character from "Stranger Things."

About Mick

The mysterious Hawkins National Laboratory has kidnapped multiple children from the town of Hawkins, Indiana and used them as experiments. We’re still learning which children in Netflix’s Stranger Things series have actually been kidnapped and had their bodies altered to the point of having physical and mental abilities they didn’t have previous.

Kali Prasad is one of the children that were kidnapped, and now she is a part of a group of outcasts that follow her around including Mick. Played by Gabrielle Maiden, Mick is a young girl who is lost and tags along on Kali’s destruction and robberies. We don’t know if Mick was a part of the kidnappings or just found her way to Kali, but whatever her story is we’ll be sure to find out in the season 2 episodes in the Stranger Things series.


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