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Michael Myers Costume Guide
Michael Meyers Mask
Bloody Weapons Knife
Men's Basic Blended Coverall
Fake Blood
Black Work Boots

Best Michael Myers Halloween Costume Guide

Do you have the feeling that someone is watching you? That someone is Michael Myers, the scariest character to ever appear on the movie screen! His first appearance was in the 1978 movie Halloween created by John Carpenter. After murdering his sister at a young age, John Carpenter returns home to kill others. Portrayed by Nick Castle, Michael Myers appears through the Halloween films. Get the horrified with this Michael Myers costume guide.

When cosplaying Michael Myers’ look, it isn’t complete without the Michael Myers Mask, Bloody Knife, and a pair of Men’s Coveralls. Some accessories that make the look even scarier are Fake Blood and a Halloween 4 Movie. With this outfit, there’s no questioning which character you’re dressing up like. But, every piece of this costume guide is essential for getting Michael Myers’ look as close as possible.

Michael Myers Cosplay Costumes

Want the perfect costume for Halloween? There’s nothing better than Michael Myers’ creepy mask! You can go to just about any costume shop and find every piece in this costume guide without any hassle. The mask, fake knife, and coveralls are the most important. The Halloween movie and fake blood can be bought online which makes this costume quick, simple, and easy to put together.

Turn this solo look into a group cosplay by adding a few characters that run a shiver down your spine. Try Leatherface, Candyman, or even ds to make the scariest group costume ever! Check out the Michael Myers costume gallery for more ideas, and send us a picture of your completed look to see if you will be the next featured cosplay.

About Michael Myers

Ever since Michael Myers was a young boy, he was obviously troubled. He had nightmares that were abnormal for such a young child to have. Later in his life, these dreams had a huge effect on him. One Halloween night, in the movie 1978 movie Halloween, while Michael’s parents weren’t home, his sister Judith babysitting Michael. Judith was more concerned with her boyfriend and wanted some alone time, but Michael wasn’t very fond of this idea. After her boyfriend left, Michael went upstairs and stabbed his own sister to death.

After being admitted to an insane asylum and spending many years there, Michael Myers escaped! He went on a mission back to his home town to kill the rest of his family including his other sister Laurie. It just so happens that Michael makes a reappearance on Halloween night. No matter how many times he is shot, stabbed, or caught on fire, he always comes back to finish the job.

Michael Myers

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