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Starfleet Uniform
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Women's Black Boots
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Best Michael Burnham Costume Guide

Michael Burnham is a human female character on Star Trek: Discovery, played by actor Sonequa Martin-Green. She was the first lead character in a Star Trek series to not actually be a Starfleet captain. Formerly an officer on the USS Shenzhou, she was stripped of rank and imprisoned for life but later recruited to work as a science specialist on the USS Discovery where Starfleet Captain Gabriel Lorca sees her risk-taking behavior and scientific aptitude as a valuable resource in the war against the Klingons.

After Klingons killed her parents, Burnham was adopted by Vulcan Ambassador Sarek and his wife Amanda, who were also Spock’s parents – making the two adopted siblings. If you want to set off to distant lands as Michael Burnham, you’ll be needing a Starfleet Uniform, Short Straight Black Hair, Black Handle Phaser, Women’s Black Boots, and Insignia Badge.

Michael Burnham Cosplay Costumes

Unless you’ve never looked at the television, seen the internet, or watched a movie, then we’re pretty sure you’re familiar with Star Trek. The Star Trek: Discovery series debuted in 2017 and further expands on one of history’s most popular stories. If you’re thinking about attending an event dressed in Michael Burnham’s familiar Starfleet costume, you’re guaranteed to be recognized. Especially if your next event is a Star Trek convention, then this is the costume for you if you want to branch out away from the classic characters.

If you do have some friends who refuse to acknowledge anything but the characters from the older Star Trek installments, that’s fine too. Some people are set in their ways, and that’s totally cool with us – we’ve got stacks of Star Trek costume ideas here on Costume Wall, spanning generations of the show!

Michael Burnham Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on an interstellar adventure with our costume guide FAQ for Michael Burnham from “Star Trek: Discovery,” the brilliant and courageous Starfleet officer who navigates complex challenges in the far reaches of space. Known for her resilience, intelligence, and leadership, Michael’s Starfleet uniform is a symbol of her dedication to exploration and discovery. This guide will help you recreate Michael Burnham’s iconic Starfleet look, perfect for fans of the series who admire her groundbreaking role in the “Star Trek” universe.

Michael Burnham's Starfleet uniform is a sleek and functional blue jumpsuit with silver accents, reflecting the modern aesthetic of "Star Trek: Discovery." The uniform includes the Starfleet insignia badge on the chest, departmental color stripes (typically gold or silver, depending on rank and division), and a black collar. The outfit is completed with black boots and sometimes features additional details like rank pips and a comm badge.

Michael Burnham's hairstyle has varied throughout the series, ranging from a close-cropped cut to a natural, curly style. To replicate her look, choose a hairstyle that aligns with her appearance in the specific season you're emulating. Keep the hair neat and professional, in line with Starfleet regulations.

The appropriate footwear for a Michael Burnham costume is a pair of sleek, black, ankle-length boots. The boots should be practical and comfortable, suitable for a Starfleet officer's duties aboard a starship or on away missions.

Key accessories for a Michael Burnham costume include a Starfleet insignia badge, which is worn on the left side of the chest. You can also add rank pips on the collar and a comm badge if applicable. For a more detailed portrayal, consider including a replica phaser or tricorder, essential tools for a Starfleet officer.

Embodying Michael Burnham involves capturing her thoughtful, determined, and compassionate nature. Some memorable quotes include: The real world doesn’t adhere to logic; sometimes down is up, sometimes up is down, sometimes when you’re lost, you’re found.," "The only way to defeat fear is to tell it 'No.'," "I am a scientist, a starfleet officer." and "I believe in you, in us." With these elements, your Michael Burnham costume will not only capture the sleek and modern look of her Starfleet uniform but also reflect the essence of her character's journey as a trailblazer and leader in "Star Trek: Discovery."

About Michael Burnham

Michael Burnham is a fictional character who serves as the lead in the Star Trek: Discovery series created by Bryan Fuller. Burnham is played by actor Sonequa Martin-Green in this recent installment of the Star Trek franchise. Burnham’s parents were killed by Klingons when she was young, leading to her being shipped off to Vulcan where she was raised by Ambassador Sarek and his wife, Amanda. Fans of the show would recognize them as Spock’s parents, making Burnham an adopted sibling of the legendary captain.

When older, she worked as an Officer on the USS Shenzhou but committed mutiny and was stripped of rank, before Captain Gabriel Lorca of the USS Discovery recruited her as a scientist – initially on a short-term contract, but quickly realizing her value as a member of the Discovery team. In a mirror universe, Burnham also discovers that if she had made different choices, she would have become Captain of the USS Shenzhou.

Michael Burnham

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