How to Dress Like Merlin

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Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Black Jeans
Suede Bomber Jacket
Knight Belt
Solid Bandanna
Slouch Boots

Best Merlin Costume Guide

Merlin is one of the most well-known wizards, often cited in reference to stories about King Arthur. In the 2008 fantasy drama on BBC, Merlin appears as the title character. He arrives in Camelot to find that magic has been banned for 20 years. Learning of a magical dragon imprisoned beneath the kingdom, he sets out to find the creature guided by a mysterious voice in his head. When he finds the Great Dragon, it tells him of his destiny to protect the king’s son, Arthur. It is prophesied by the Great Dragon that Arthur will bring magic back to the land of Camelot. Get the look of the young, reimagined wizard with this Merlin costume guide.

Cosplay Merlin’s magical but hip look from the BBC television series by wearing a Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Solid Bandana, Suede Bomber Jacket, Black Jeans, Knight Belt, and Slouch Boots. You won’t need any magical powers to slay this look.

Merlin Cosplay Costumes

Looking magical was never quite this easy. And it certainly never looked this good! Merlin, who is often depicted as a stereotypical wizard with long white hair and an equally long white beard, gets a fresh makeover in this popular BBC show. The Merlin in this version is not only young, but he is also early in developing his magical skills. Challenges don’t stop him because Merlin is known to be as talented as he is defiant. To look like him, wear a basic long sleeve t-shirt, a pair of black jeans, a belt, and a pair of slouch boots. Borrow a suede bomber jacket to throw over this outfit and then tie a solid bandana around your neck to complete this fashion-forward medieval look.

You’ll need your friends to accompany you to Camelot! Invite your closest pals to cosplay with you as the legendary King Arthur or even Guinevere. Along with your Merlin costume, your group is sure to look like a magical trio!

Merlin Costume Tips & FAQs

Delve into the magical and adventurous world of Merlin from the popular TV series “Merlin” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Whether you’re an aspiring sorcerer or a fan of the show, these FAQs will help you capture Merlin’s iconic young wizard look, combining medieval charm with a touch of mystique, perfect for any cosplay event or themed party.

Merlin's costume is recognized for its simplicity and medieval style. It typically consists of a loose-fitting blue or red tunic, dark trousers, and a brown or dark blue cloak with a hood. The cloak often has a decorative clasp at the neck. Completing the look with brown boots and a simple belt around the tunic will help you embody Merlin's humble yet significant presence.

Merlin has a distinct, slightly messy, medium-length hairstyle. To replicate it, aim for a tousled look, possibly using a wig if your hair is not similar. As for accessories, Merlin occasionally carries a small leather satchel or pouch, which is essential for holding his herbs and potions.

Merlin's tunic is usually solid-colored, in shades of blue or red, without any elaborate patterns, reflecting his status as a young, unassuming wizard. The cloak is typically darker, either brown or dark blue, and sometimes has a subtle textured pattern. The simplicity of his attire is key to an authentic Merlin look.

For footwear, opt for simple, dark brown leather boots that reach mid-calf. The boots should have a minimalistic design, without any modern embellishments, to maintain the medieval aesthetic of Merlin's character.

Merlin is known for his witty, yet earnest personality. Including some of his memorable phrases or traits can add depth to your portrayal. Consider these lines: "I'm not a hero. I'm a High Priestess.," "I'm a sorcerer. I have magic.," "The love that binds us is more important than the power we wield.," "Destiny is all." and "You can't escape the dragon, Arthur. You can only face it." These quotes, along with his known traits of loyalty, bravery, and a touch of youthful naivety, will bring your Merlin costume to life, capturing the essence of this beloved character.

About Merlin

The BBC show, Merlin, sees the unexplored story of a young boy told through the original texts that first mention Merlin and the many versions and adaptations that follow. While Merlin, the show, references the original Arthurian legends, it is known to deviate from the more traditional stories. Where Merlin is often depicted as a wise, old man in the medieval times, the Merlin popularized by the BBC show is young and more contemporary.

As Merlin sets out to protect Arthur, his first impression of the king’s son is that of an arrogant bully. However, as they spend more time with one another, Merlin and Arthur grow to have a liking to each other. Eventually forming a deeper bond and friendship, along with another servant named Guinevere. Because magic is banned in Camelot, Merlin has to do it in secret. Only Gaius and Lancelot are aware of his magical abilities. Merlin is played by Colin Morgan in the BBC television show that ran from 2008 to 2012.


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