How to Dress Like Merle Dixon

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Texere Men's Ribbed Tank Top
Dickies Black Long-Sleeve Work Shirt
Levi's Reversible Belt
Black Toy Handgun
The Walking Dead Merle Knife Hand Prop Replica
Lee Relaxed-Fit Cargo Pant
Leather Bangle Bracelet
Timberland Dark Brown Lace-Up Boot

Best Merle Dixon Costume Guide

A popular character from the AMC television, horror series, The Walking Dead, Merle Dixon is a fast and easy cosplay option for your next convention. This unpleasant, yet well-liked character is the brother of Daryl Dixon and eventually the the right-hand man of the Governor.

The cosplayy guide includes a Dickies Black Long-Sleeve Work Shirt over a Texere Men’s Ribbed Tank Top, a rugged pair of Lee Relaxed-Fit Cargo Pants, belted with a Levi’s Reversible Belt, and paired with Timberland Dark Brown Lace-Up Boots. For Merle’s accessories, we’ve found a genuine The Walking Dead Merle Knife Hand prop, a Black Toy Handgun, and Leather Bangle Bracelet.

Merle Dixon Cosplay Costumes

Calling all Walking Dead cosplayers! A worthy character to emulate, Merle Dixon’s look is hillbilly chic. No fuss, no muss, a simple black work shirt over a white tank and jeans. If you don’t already have these pieces in your own closet, chances are you know someone who does. As for weapons, a faux handgun and a prop hand knife can easily be purchased online or picked up at a local costume shop.

A show as popular as this, there are a number of choice for group endeavors. Infamous younger brother and wildly popular character, Daryl Dixon would be our first choice and brings a kind of family element to your cosplay. Of course, you can also include others like, the Governor, enemy Glen or Rick. Be sure to check out our featured pics for more cosplay ideas. Send in your own as well and show us your look!

Merle Dixon Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the gritty and survivalist world of “The Walking Dead” with our Merle Dixon costume guide FAQ. This section is dedicated to helping you accurately recreate the rugged and complex character of Merle, portrayed by Michael Rooker. Known for his distinctive Southern style and his transformation throughout the series, our guide will focus on the essential elements that define Merle Dixon’s iconic look, including his makeshift prosthetic arm.

Merle Dixon's attire reflects his tough, survivalist nature. Essential components include a sleeveless shirt or vest, often dirty or worn, rugged jeans or cargo pants, and sturdy boots. Merle's most distinctive feature is his prosthetic arm blade, which he fashions after losing his hand. This can be replicated with safe, costume-grade materials.

To achieve Merle's weathered appearance, choose clothing that looks worn or distressed. You can artificially age garments using sandpaper, paint, or dirt. Merle's scruffy facial hair and short, unkempt hair are also key to his look, which can be achieved with makeup or a wig and beard set if needed.

For the shirt, opt for a sleeveless vest or a tattered sleeveless shirt, preferably in a neutral or earthy tone. Merle's pants should be practical and tough, like cargo pants or worn jeans. The clothes should appear as though they've been through rough conditions, fitting the post-apocalyptic setting of the series.

The most crucial accessory for Merle Dixon is his makeshift prosthetic arm blade. This can be created using materials like foam, plastic, or cardboard, painted to look like metal. Ensure it's safe and not sharp or dangerous. Additionally, consider adding a belt with a holster, as Merle often carries a handgun.

To add depth to your portrayal of Merle Dixon, consider using some of his memorable lines from "The Walking Dead," such as: "I ain't beggin'. I'm askin'. There's a difference.," "I'm a better man than that brother there. I ain't no sheep.," "I don't take orders from no one.," "I can handle things. I'm smart. Not like everybody says." and "Nobody can kill Merle but Merle." These quotes capture Merle's defiant nature, his complex relationship with his brother Daryl, and his struggle for redemption and survival in the harsh world of "The Walking Dead."

About Merle Dixon

Though not an original character from the comic series, Merle Dixon was created for the television series alone. A misogynistic racist he is an unpleasant man, to say the least. Older brother and caregiver to brother Daryl, when he wasn’t in jail, he raised his brother instead of leaving him to his fate with their abusive father. With no mother to care for them, they merely survive and don’t gain much kindness along the way.

After using a racial slur against another character T-Dog and subsequently beating the man, he is left handcuffed behind as his companions made their escape from the Walkers. He is forced to saw off his own hand to escape and sets off to find his brother Daryl. His brother, in the meantime, also sets off in search of Merle. They come upon one another eventually, but by then it was too late. Tragically, Merle had been shot and killed by the Governor and reanimated as a walker. Daryl, through tears, is forced to stab Merle to death, killing him a final time.

Merle Dixon

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