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Welcome to the world of Death Note, a popular Japanese manga series that contains a world of sinister cross-plots and undercurrents with equally heavy undertones. This is the mysterious world of Mello, raised at Wammy’s House, Watari’s orphanage for gifted children in Winchester, England. Being the older of L’s two successors, he’s actually a genius with an intelligence surpassing most others. Get the look of the young blonde haired orphan with this Mello from Death Note costume guide.

Cosplay the manga character, Mello, and see yourself in his shoes. For the costume, Mello is usually seen wearing dark leather clothes. You can either choose to play him wearing a red-colored rosary and a cross-adorned bracelet as depicted in the manga. Or simply wear the cross as a stick as in the anime series. Of course, for the full-fledged Mello, there’s also the gun he carries with a cross that hangs from its handle, as seen in the manga series. With the right poise and flair, you can make this cult character shine even in the darkest corridors and alleys.

Mello (Death Note) Cosplay Costumes

The cast in Death Note, the Japanese manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, is a mixed ensemble of spy vs spy characters. Mellow is part of the cloak and dagger characters appearing in the Death Note universe that is nearly as surreal as colorful. Not your everyday run-of-the-mill personalities, they are fascinating characters to take on in cosplay. L, Near, Roger, Kira, Ratt, Rod Ross, Matt, Soichiro Yagami—these characters are core to the plot and subplots with Mello as a key link.

Just having the guts to group cosplay as Mello and his fellow Death Note associates would certainly raise a few eyebrows at any Fancy Dress Ball, Comic-Con, or Cosplay Convention. As for the costumes, the choices are as creative and far-ranging as your imagination could be. Just imagine walking in cosplaying Mello along with your Death Note troupe only to be greeted enthusiastically with muted Oooooh’s and Ahhhhh’s from the attendees.

Mello (Death Note) Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the intense and dramatic world of “Death Note” with our detailed costume guide FAQ for Mello, one of the series’ most intriguing characters. Known for his distinctive style and competitive nature, Mello presents a unique cosplay opportunity. This guide aims to help you accurately capture Mello’s look, from his iconic leather attire to his expressive facial features, making your portrayal striking and authentic.

Mello's outfit is characterized by its bold and edgy look. Essential to his costume is a black, tight-fitting, long-sleeved leather top, paired with matching leather pants. The outfit is accentuated with a red cross symbol on the chest and a belt with a large, prominent buckle. Additionally, he often wears dark fingerless gloves and boots, adding to his rebellious and intense persona.

Mello has distinctive blonde hair, styled in a messy, layered fashion that falls over his forehead. You can achieve this look with a blonde wig styled appropriately, or by styling your own hair if it's similar in color and length. For his facial features, focus on his sharp blue eyes and the noticeable scar on the left side of his face. Use makeup or face paint to recreate the scar for an authentic touch.

Key accessories for Mello include a silver crucifix necklace and a chocolate bar, which is a nod to his habitual chocolate eating in the series. These small details are significant in portraying his character accurately and add depth to your costume.

When selecting leather attire for Mello's costume, opt for pieces that are sleek, form-fitting, and unadorned, to mimic his simplistic yet striking style. The leather should be black and matte rather than glossy, to stay true to his appearance in the anime.

Including quotes from Mello will enrich your portrayal and bring his character to life. Here are a few memorable ones: "I am going to be the one to find Kira.," "If you can't win the game, if you can't solve the puzzle, you're just a loser.," "I'll take a potato chip... and eat it!," "Near, I'm not like you." and "It's not over yet." These quotes reflect Mello's ambitious and competitive nature, and his determination to surpass Near and capture Kira.

About Mello (Death Note)

Our first introduction to Mello is as a young teenager at Wammy’s House, where he is shown playing outdoors with other kids. Near is indoors working alone on a blank puzzle. When it’s time for the children to go back indoors, the manager, Roger Ruvie, asks Mello and Near to join him in his office where he informs them of L’s death and that a successor had not been chosen between the two boys.

Shocked and angered by the news, Mello refuses to accept Roger’s suggestion for the two boys to work together, arguing that they never get along! Mello suggests that it would be better that Near should be the successor, being calm and methodical. Soon after, Mello runs away to America where he starts a new life joining forces with Rod Ross, a leading Mafiosi. Proving himself worthy by destroying mob bosses and giving useful advice, Ross finds Mello invaluable and agrees to help Mello claim the Death Note. So, the story of Death Note begins.

Mello (Death Note)

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