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Melisandre is a mysterious woman with powerful abilities. She is commonly known as the Red Woman and is a Red Priestess, which is part of the R’hllor religion. She follows the Lord of the Light and believes that there will be a champion who will be the rightful ruler over the kingdoms. She is but a humble servant of her god and does only what he asks of her, only slipping a few times from the path

Melisandre is originally aligned with Stannis Braratheon, and kills a good many people at his command. She later joins Jon Snow’s side after she revives him from being murdered by the Night’s Watch, as she believes he is the Prince That Was Promised. To get the complete look of Melisandre, you will need to get a Melisandre Wig, Melisandre Necklace, Melisandre Dress, Melisandre Cloak and Red Boots.

Melisandre Cosplay Costumes

Appearances can be deceiving, and Melisandre is certainly fooling a lot of people. Her true form is actually that of an older woman, but it’s easily hidden under the magic of her enchanted necklace. When she’s wearing the necklace, she is seen as a beautiful woman with bright red hair. Her good looks and her magical abilities give her influence over many powerful rulers and lets her complete tasks for the Lord of Light. When Melisandre’s whole look is put together, she is an intimidating Priestess. 

Why not make this fun and involve your friends too? There are so many characters to choose from, like Ned Stark, Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, Jamie Lannister, Khal Drogo, Sansa Stark, Night King and many more! You will be filled with the power of R’llor and will stop at nothing to fulfill his wishes. 

Melisandre Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the mystical realm of Westeros with our costume guide FAQ for Melisandre, the enigmatic Red Priestess from “Game of Thrones.” Known for her striking red attire and powerful presence, Melisandre’s look is both captivating and iconic. This guide will assist you in embodying the essence of the Red Woman, from her flowing robes to her fiery demeanor.

Melisandre's attire is predominantly red, reflecting her title as the Red Priestess. Key elements include a long, flowing red dress, often with long sleeves and a high neckline. The fabric should have a luxurious feel, like velvet or heavy silk. Additionally, she wears a red cloak or cape, emphasizing her dramatic and mystical persona.

Melisandre is known for her long, wavy red hair, which is a significant aspect of her character's identity. To replicate this, you could use a long red wig styled in soft waves. If you're using your own hair, you might consider temporary red hair dye and use curlers or a curling iron to achieve those characteristic waves.

Melisandre often wears a choker necklace with a large red gemstone in the center, symbolizing her allegiance to the Lord of Light. This piece is crucial as it's a central element of her character throughout the series. Additionally, simple, elegant gold or bronze bracelets or rings can complement the costume.

Melisandre's makeup is usually understated but enhances her mysterious and alluring qualities. Focus on a flawless complexion, subtle smokey eye makeup, and dark red lipstick to mirror her look. The makeup should be elegant and not overly dramatic.

Adding quotes from Melisandre can bring authenticity to your portrayal. Consider these memorable lines: "The night is dark and full of terrors.," "For the night is dark and full of terrors, but the fire burns them all away.," "There is only one war that matters. The Great War. And it is here.," "I pray for a glimpse of Azor Ahai, and R'hllor shows me only Snow." and "Death by fire is the purest death." These quotes capture the essence of Melisandre's mysterious and prophetic nature, adding an intriguing layer to your costume.

About Melisandre

Carice van Houten plays the Red Woman, also known as Melisandre, in the series Game of Thrones. Although she may not look it, she’s actually a lot older than she seems. She is a Red Priestess that follows the religion of the Lord of Light, which is worshipped in Westeros. Her powers include divination, shadowbinder magic, blood magic, pyrokinesis, resurrection, longevity, poison resistance, cold resistance and alchemy. With these abilities, she’s managed to enchant a ruby necklace that makes her appear younger, while also slowing her true age.

The god Melisandre worships is known for being pure, good and true, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t harsh and cruel towards others. She will go to great lengths for the Lord of Light, including murdering many people and allies while with Stannis. Her true goal is to make sure that ice is defeated once and for all. Her loyalty to Jon Snow is stronger than previous allies and has shown how honorable she can be.



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