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Dressing up as McLovin from the 2007 movie Superbad, played by Christopher Charles Mintz-Plasse, would be a great way to make your night more interesting. The movie was a success for its relatability to the teenage audience and for the adults who enjoy looking back on the past.

McLovin, also known as Fogell, is your classic high school nerd who is trying to make himself popular with his fellow classmates. He is anxious and often stutters over his words, but is surprisingly pretty good under pressure. He’s known by his classmates as a geek who’s bad at socializing, but that all changes when he tries to buy alcohol with a fake ID and meets two crazy cops. Through a night filled with thrills, chills, and lots of alcohol, McLovin tries to find his manhood. Get the look of this stereotypical high school nerd with Reading Glasses, a Button Down Shirt, Formal Suit Vest, Men’s Chino Pant, and McLovin Driver’s License.

McLovin Cosplay Costumes

Since Superbad is a movie about awkward high schoolers, it’s pretty easy to throw something together. McLovin is known for his small oval glasses and bad fashion choices, as well as his less than perfect fake ID. Whether you’re planning to get stupidly drunk at a high school party or go for a joyride with a few cops, this outfit will work for many occasions. To really tie this look together, print out a copy of the fake ID Fogell uses throughout the movie.

You shouldn’t go to this party alone. Why not get some friends together to come as Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, or maybe even Officer Slater and Officer Michaels. There are many choices to partner with when it comes to McLovin. If you think your costumes are the best, don’t forget to submit some photos to the annual Halloween Costume Contest!

About McLovin

McLovin, real name Fogell, is a character from the 2007 comedy movie, Superbad. The movie follows several nerdy teenage boys who want to have the best night of their lives before they leave high school to go to college. Fogell gets a fake ID under the name McLovin and tries to use it to buy alcohol for a party they’re all going to. However, a burglary happens at the same time and McLovin finds himself being questioned by the cops. He spends the night with them drinking, smoking, and causing mayhem around town.

Fogell is known as the shy high school geek who just wants to make himself known to people and be viewed as a cool kid. After spending time with the two cops, Fogell has a new found confidence at the party and is able to talk to girls without getting cold feet. With the help of his new police friends, McLovin is able to give himself a new name for himself thanks to the help of his new police friends.


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