How to Dress Like McCree

Male Video Games
Cowboy Hat
Puff Cigar
Red Wrap Shawl Flannel Scarf
Brown Shirt
Robotic Latex Hand Gloves
Brown Leather Gloves
Fake Revolver
Gold Breast Plate Armor
Brown Pants
Brown Leather Chaps
Belt and Gun Holster
Boot Spurs
Cowboy Boots

Best McCree Costume Guide

Video games have added increasingly more interesting characters to cosplay. Overwatch is no exception to the assortment of characters to emulate. One character, in particular, is the bounty hunter McCree. With a look as distinct as his, you have to be a very committed cosplayer to pull it together. Lucky for you, this complete costume guide lists every piece it will take to outfit yourself with McCree’s outlaw costume. We’ve managed to pare it down to just 13 pieces.

These are the best items to pull off McCree’s style. Begin with a Cowboy Hat and faux Puff Cigar. Then, suit up in a Brown Shirt, Brown Pants, and a pair of Brown Leather Chaps. Add a McCree-like Red Wrap Shawl Flannel Scarf and a pair of Robotic Latex Hand Gloves and Brown Leather Gloves…one for each hand. Accessorize the outfit with Gold Breast Plate Armor combined with a Belt, Gun Holster, and Fake Revolver. Then, finish this look with some Cowboy Boots and Boot Spurs.

McCree Cosplay Costumes

Despite the number of pieces you’ll need to pull off a decent McCree cosplay, there are definitely ways to cut corners and cost and still come up with an impressive costume. If we just focused on the main components of his outfit, they can primarily be found in a local costume shop. These items would include his cowboy hat, golden armor, gloves, and, of course, colt 45. There are small pieces, and if they can’t be purchased as a set, individually they won’t add up to as much cost as you would think.

His red poncho can be mirrored using a red throw blanket or length of red material. The faux cigar is an inexpensive touch that will really help sell your look. The remainder of his outfit can be kept simple with brown pants and boots. The spurs are definitely not essential. For group cosplay, you can bring in other players like Genji, Pharah, or Reaper. Check out the featured cosplay pictures for even more ideas. We welcome your pics as well!

McCree Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the action-packed world of Overwatch with our McCree costume guide FAQ. Jesse McCree, known simply as McCree, is a fan-favorite character renowned for his sharpshooting skills and cowboy aesthetic. This FAQ is designed to assist you in accurately recreating McCree’s distinct look, perfect for gaming conventions, cosplay events, or any occasion where you want to embody the spirit of a futuristic cowboy.

McCree's costume is a blend of classic Western and futuristic elements. His attire includes a long, brown duster coat with red detailing and a serape draped over one shoulder. Underneath, he wears a black vest over a white collared shirt and a red neckerchief. McCree's outfit is completed with dark blue jeans, brown chaps, and cowboy boots. Don't forget his iconic cowboy hat with a gold buckle band.

McCree's left arm is a robotic prosthetic, a significant aspect of his character design. To create a replica, you can use materials like foam or lightweight plastic. Paint and detail it to resemble metal with a silver and blue color scheme. For a simpler approach, consider using a detailed sleeve or glove that mimics the look of his mechanical arm.

Key accessories for McCree include his Peacekeeper revolver, which you can replicate with a toy gun or a prop, his cowboy hat, and a belt with a distinctive buckle. McCree also wears a bandolier and a utility belt with pouches, essential for carrying his in-game equipment. For safety and compliance with event rules, ensure any prop weapons are clearly identifiable as fake.

McCree has a rugged appearance with a thick, well-groomed beard and a medium-length hairstyle that's swept back. To emulate his look, style your hair accordingly or use a wig, and shape your facial hair into a full beard. If you can't grow a beard, consider using a realistic fake beard as part of your costume.

McCree is known for his charismatic and witty one-liners in Overwatch. Incorporating some of his famous quotes can add depth to your cosplay. Some of his notable lines include: "It's high noon.," "Justice ain't gonna dispense itself.," "I'm your huckleberry.," "You done?" and "I don't much like losin'." These quotes capture McCree's confident and no-nonsense personality, making your portrayal more authentic and engaging for fellow Overwatch fans.

About McCree

Jesse McCree is a cigar-smoking outlaw with deadly expert marksmanship from the video game Overwatch. After being busted for trafficking military grade weapons, he was given the choice between losing his peacekeeper revolver, left to languish in a maximum security prison and Overwatch’s covert ops division known as Blackwatch. He chose his weapon and the option with less red tape. Known for his skill and resourcefulness, he was an asset while the group’s influence flourished.

Initially skeptical about the impact he would have, achieving marginal success, McCree began to believe in his own redemption. He believed he could make amends for his past transgressions by correcting current injustices in the world. When infighting began tearing the down the organization, McCree went underground. He resurfaced a few years later as a gunman for hire. Despite being largely sought after by parties big and small, McCree will only take on causes he believes in.


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