How to Dress Like Mayhem

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Black Three Piece Suit
Black Skinny Tie
White Dress Shirt
Butterfly Closure Bandages
Cut and Bruise Makeup Kit
Collar Pin
Black Dress Shoes

Best Mayhem Costume Guide

The Allstate advertising character Mayhem, portrayed by Dean Winters, isn’t your normal cosplay character. He is one of the most hilarious we’ve seen in quite a awhile! Starting in 2010, Mayhem set the stage for destruction on the popular Allstate commercials warning against “cut-rate” insurance policies. The character Mayhem was born after Allstate was ranked fourth behind Geico, State Farm, and Progressive in advertising. Since then, he’s been warning others to be “better protected from mayhem…like me.” Get the look of the hilarious insurance salesman with this Mayhem costume guide.

Cosplay Mayhem’s clean style while it lasts with a Black Three Piece Suit, Black Skinny Tie, White Dress Shirt, Collar Pin, Black Dress Shoes, a few Butterfly Closure Bandages, and a Cut and Bruise Makeup Kit. This is going to get messy really quick!

Mayhem Cosplay Costumes

Dressing as Allstate’s Mayhem for cosplay is a pretty smart idea because if you own a suit, there are only a few additional pieces you need to get the complete look. For a this cosplay, start by wearing a disheveled black suit, tie, and dress shoes. Then, head to your favorite costume shop and buy a cuts and bruises makeup kit with a few butterfly bandages to get Mayhem’s battered look!

Mayhem is pretty destructive on his own, but if you’re wanting to turn this look into a couples or group costume, grab a couple of friends because we have other modern day insurance characters to dress up as to supplement this hilarious character! Dress as Flo from Progressive or the Geico Cavemen for a hysterical group of insurance advertising costumes! Follow this costume guide and make sure to send a picture of your completed look.

Mayhem Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform into Mayhem, the mischievous and chaotic character from Allstate’s insurance commercials. Our Mayhem costume guide FAQ will assist you in capturing his unpredictable and edgy persona, perfect for advertising-themed events, Halloween parties, or for fans of the memorable ad campaign.

Mayhem's costume is characterized by a disheveled, rugged look that reflects his role as an agent of chaos. Key elements include a dark suit, preferably one that looks a bit worn or damaged, a white dress shirt (often unbuttoned or askew), and a loosely knotted tie. His hair is usually unkempt, and he often sports facial stubble or a slightly unshaven look. Mayhem's costume should convey a sense of controlled disorder, aligning with his character in the commercials.

To recreate Mayhem's appearance, start with a dark-colored suit that looks slightly worn. You can rough up the suit by adding fake dirt or minor tears. Wear the white dress shirt in a slightly disheveled manner, with the top buttons undone and the tie loosely knotted. The look should be messy but still put together.

A standard dark suit and white dress shirt will work well. The suit doesn't need to be high-quality, as you'll be adding elements to make it look worn. Pair the suit with dark dress shoes to complete the outfit.

For Mayhem's hairstyle, aim for a slightly messy, just-out-of-bed look. Use hair gel or pomade to create a disheveled appearance. Facial stubble is a key feature of Mayhem's look, so consider using makeup to create a stubble effect if you're unable to grow one naturally.

Including Mayhem's phrases and actions can add an extra layer of authenticity to your costume. Here are some suggestions: "I'm Mayhem, and I'm everywhere.," "You can't avoid Mayhem like me.," Adopt a mischievous and unpredictable demeanor, typical of Mayhem's character., Mimic causing harmless 'chaos' around you, in line with the commercials' themes. Use props like a fake fallen tree branch or a scattered pile of papers to illustrate typical 'mayhem.' These phrases and actions capture Mayhem's role as an unpredictable force of chaos, making them ideal for a fun and accurate portrayal of the character.

About Mayhem

Mayhem is the advertising character created for Allstate commercials, and a brilliant one at that! Everyone loves the commercials featuring Mayhem, portrayed by Dean Winters. He was created by Leo Burnett Worldwide and has been heavily promoted on TV since 2010. Mayhem is there to show you how a perfectly normal situation can turn into a disaster in a split second and why you shouldn’t have “cut-rate” insurance to cover all of your potential disasters!

Allstate was fourth in advertising rankings of insurance companies until debuting the Mayhem commercials and then ended up winning over 80 awards for the campaign! Mayhem promotes Allstate insurance coverage like roadside assistance because as much as you don’t think you’ll need it, there will inevitably be a catastrophic situation. Mayhem is a hilarious incentive to push people to get the extra coverage needed because you just never know when Mayhem is going to hit!


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