How to Dress Like May (Haruka)

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May Bandana for Cosplay
Greatlookz Black Gloves
Extra Long Stretch Cotton Tank Top
Xpril Red Zip Up Polo
Hanes Stretch Bike Short
Uxcell Yellow Fanny Pack
Hanes Black Crew Socks
Nylon R13 Lace-Up Fashion Sneaker

Best May (Haruka) Costume Guide

May (Haruka) is a popular ten-year-old Pokemon Coordinator, and she’s adorable! If you’re looking to up the cute factor at your next cosplay convention, we suggest you following this costume guide. We can have you charming all the convention goers in under 10 steps. Let’s start with the easy part—accessories. Start with a Yellow Fanny Pack, a May Bandana for Cosplay, and Greatlookz Black Gloves.

For her outfit, wear a Red Zip-Up Polo paired with an Extra Long Stretch Cotton Tank Top and Stretch Bike Shorts. For May’s footwear, go with Black Crew Socks and a pair of Reebok Lace-Up Fashion Sneakers.

May (Haruka) Cosplay Costumes

Pokemon is now more popular than ever! This means the old shows are being watched again by a new generation of viewers. If you’re looking to bring back May (Haruka), it’s relatively easy to do. Think RED. A plain red bandanna can be painted with white fabric paint. Both can be purchased in most craft sections. Incorporate a red polo with black bike shorts, and you’re just about there.

Black socks with red shoes are a nice touch, but not completely necessary. Adding any Pokemon accessory would be helpful. These accessories can be purchased online or at just about any local shops these days. For group endeavors, you can join just about any Pokemon character like rival Drew, Solidad, or even Ash Ketchum. Of course, dressing up as any Pokemon would be a feather in your cosplay hat. Check out the featured cosplay pics for more ideas. Send in your picture to show us your look!

May (Haruka) Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a Pokémon Trainer adventure with our costume guide FAQ for May, also known as Haruka, from the Pokémon series. A prominent character in the Pokémon anime and games, May is known for her determination, friendly nature, and recognizable outfit. This guide is perfect for fans and cosplayers looking to recreate May’s signature style for conventions, themed parties, or Pokémon gatherings, providing tips and insights into achieving her look.

May's outfit is a blend of practicality and style, suited for her Pokémon adventures. Key components include a sleeveless red top with a white and blue Poké Ball design, navy blue shorts with a yellow belt, and a pair of red and yellow wristbands. She wears white and blue sneakers with red highlights and a red bandana with a white Poké Ball logo. May's look is completed with her long brown hair, often styled in pigtails with red hair bands.

May has long brown hair that she usually styles in pigtails. To achieve this look, use a long brown wig styled into two pigtails, securing them with red hair bands. If you have long hair, you can style your own hair in a similar manner.

May wears sporty white and blue sneakers with red accents. Choose comfortable sneakers that match this color scheme, as they are suitable for a Pokémon Trainer always on the move.

Key accessories for a May costume include her red bandana with a white Poké Ball design, which is a signature part of her look. Additionally, carrying Pokémon-themed props, such as Poké Balls or a plush Pokémon, can add authenticity to the costume and reflect her role as a Trainer and Coordinator.

May is known for her enthusiasm and determination. Here are some ideas for quotes and actions: "I'm not gonna lose. I'm gonna be the best Pokémon Coordinator!," "I'm May, and my dream is to travel the world!" Showing excitement when seeing new Pokémon or participating in Pokémon Contests, and demonstrating a friendly and competitive spirit, typical of her character in the series. These quotes and actions capture May's adventurous spirit and her passion for becoming a top Pokémon Coordinator, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of her character.

About May (Haruka)

Supported by her parents Norman and Caroline as well as her little brother Max, May has what it takes to succeed at anything she attempts. She is beautiful and kindly helps anyone in need. She has a bit of a temper, especially when she disagrees with her brother or Ash Ketchum. Her skill as a Pokemon Coordinator comes as a bit of a surprise since she started off disliking Pokemon. This would seem to come as a surprise since her father is a Pokemon League Gym Leader. However, after her encounter with Brock and Ash Ketchum, she quickly changes her tune.

Overcoming her dislike for Pokemon and especially her fear of Bug-type Pokemon, May strives to do her best. A journey she began to simply travel and see the sights evolved into an adventure in Pokemon contests. Like anyone else, May loves to win. and when she doesn’t, she naturally gets very sad. She’s determined to be the very best Pokemon Coordinator of all.

May (Haruka)

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