How to Dress Like Maxine Caulfield

Female Video Games
Short Bob Wig
Grey Hoodie
Jane Doe T-Shirt
Rubber Bracelet
Messenger Bag
Blue Jeans
Converse All Star Sneakers

Best Maxine Caulfield Costume Guide

A strange character from a five part episodic, Life is Strange, Maxine Caulfield is a teenaged photographer with some pretty neat abilities for any lucky cosplayer to copy at your next event. Follow this simple costume guide and you’ll be rewinding time and changing history in no time!

You can get her look with a Jane Doe T-Shirt over a pair of Blue Jeans and a Grey Hoodie and a pair of Converse All Star Sneakers. We accessorized with a Rubber Bracelet, a Messenger Bag and Short Bob Wig.

Maxine Caulfield Cosplay Costumes

If you’re looking for an easy fix for your next cosplay event, we suggest girl protagonist Maxine Caulfield aka Max senior student at The Blackwell Academy from the game Life is Strange. You have the choice of visiting your local costume shop or your closet since this character’s outfit doesn’t require any major props except a camera. Her distinguishing characteristic in her shoulder length cropped hair. This can be achieved with a wig or with your hair, should you choose.

Add a zip-up hoodie with a t-shirt beneath, and a pair of jeans and your look is about complete! Known for her amateur photography skills, hang a camera around your neck to actually sell you look. For the group, cosplay includes other players like Chloe Price, Mark Jefferson or Frank Bowers. Make sure you check out our featured pics for more style ideas. Send in your pics and show us your look!

Maxine Caulfield Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a journey into the world of Arcadia Bay with our Maxine “Max” Caulfield costume guide FAQ from the critically acclaimed game “Life is Strange.” This section aims to answer your most common queries about how to accurately capture the essence of Max’s casual, photography-loving style.

Max's signature style is casual and approachable, reflecting her character's down-to-earth nature. Essential elements include a light blue hoodie, a white T-shirt with a doe or similar graphic, skinny jeans, and brown lace-up boots. She also often wears a dark blue beanie.

Max sports a short, messy bob hairstyle, typically in a light brown or auburn color. For accessories, consider a black wristband and a blue butterfly necklace, which are symbolic in the game. A digital or instant camera is also a key accessory, representing her passion for photography.

Paying attention to small details can enhance the authenticity of your Max Caulfield costume. Adding patches or pins to your hoodie or backpack, like those reflecting photography or indie bands, can give a more personalized touch, reflecting Max's interests and personality.

Max carries a functional, slightly worn, brown or tan canvas backpack. It's not overly large but has enough space for her camera and personal items. Look for one with a simple design, without many extra embellishments.

Incorporating quotes from Max can add depth to your portrayal. Some memorable lines include: "I'm so sick of people trying to control me!," "I could frame any one of you in a dark corner, and capture you in a moment of desperation.," "Wowser.," "Always take the shot." and "Time to shut the f*** up, okay?." These quotes reflect Max's inner thoughts and her journey throughout the game, capturing her growth and the challenges she faces.

About Maxine Caulfield

Introverted except when behind her camera, Max Caulfied would prefer to regard the world through her camera lens. Despite her age, she is a clear thinker, practical and mature. She has a great love for photography and for her best friend Chloe and will put herself in harm’s way to safeguard the people she loves. From the very beginning, Max discovers her ability to manipulate time. She uses this skill to save Chloe on multiple occasions and to recreate situations that once ended in tragedy.

Max takes her powers seriously which leads to the growth in her confidence and improvement of her decisiveness. She is a fan of anime and little-known movies. As far her personality, she is smart, practical and mature for her age. She dreams of exploring the world with best friend Chloe when they grow up and going on adventures. She is protective of her skill and uses it wisely and with the intention to use it only for good.

Maxine Caulfield

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