How to Dress Like Max (Maxine) Mayfield

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Baseball Shirt
Yellow V-Neck Pullover
Red Penny Hair Dye
Light Blue Jeans
Red Vans

Best Max Mayfield Costume Guide

Maxine Mayfield, better known simply as Max, walks into the second season of the popular Netflix series, Stranger Things, with confidence that cannot be ignored! This girl isn’t what you’d expect, she has a rough and tough way about her. You should see her on a skateboard! Max moved from California all the way to Hawkins, Indiana, but she and her stepbrother Billy aren’t happy about the relocation. You can tell by her style that she’s comfortable with who she is. Get the same look of the latest character from Stranger Things season 2 with this Max costume guide.

Cosplay Max, the latest Stranger Things cast member, by wearing a Baseball Shirt underneath a Yellow V-Neck Pullover and a pair of Light Blue Jeans. Keep the look simple, just like Max, with a pair of Red Vans and her Skateboard. You’ll also need red hair just like Max’s! So grab a box of temporary Red Penny Hair Dye to get as close to her look as possible!

Max Mayfield Cosplay Costumes

Maxine, who prefers to go by Max (or her arcade alias–MadMax), doesn’t wear anything too fancy. She much prefers her laid-back California look. That means you can make her character your next Halloween costume or cosplay a lot faster than you think! Start by buying a baseball shirt, unless you already have one. Throw on a pair of your own light blue jeans, and head to the costume shop for a red wig or pick up temporary red hair dye. Max is always wearing her yellow pullover, so check at a thrift store for that piece in particular. You must get the Vans shoes and skateboard online to ensure you get Max’s look just right!

Even though she’s new to the Netflix show Stranger Things, you can add the rest of the characters to Max’s costume to form an awesome group cosplay! Get your best buds to dress as Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will to make up the entire group of friends from Hawkins Middle School! Send us a picture of your look to add to the cosplay gallery on Costume Wall!

Max Mayfield Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the adventurous and spirited world of “Stranger Things” with our costume guide FAQ for Max (Maxine) Mayfield, a character beloved for her boldness and resilience. This guide is designed to help you capture Max’s unique style and personality, reflecting her role as a tough and savvy member of the Hawkins crew. We’ll delve into the essential elements of her outfit and offer tips on how to embody the spirit of this fearless and independent character.

Max Mayfield's costume reflects her tomboyish and practical style, typical of the mid-1980s. Essential components include a graphic or plain t-shirt, often layered with a flannel shirt or a casual jacket. She wears high-waisted jeans or denim shorts, depending on the season, and comfortable sneakers, like Vans or Converse. Max's skateboard is a significant accessory, embodying her adventurous and independent spirit. Her red hair, typically styled in a loose, natural manner, is also a defining feature.

To replicate Max's style, focus on finding vintage or retro-inspired clothing that reflects the 1980s. Look for t-shirts with simple designs or retro graphics and layer them with a flannel shirt or a zip-up jacket. High-waisted jeans or denim shorts are key, along with classic sneakers. Keep the overall look casual and functional, suitable for a day of adventure in Hawkins.

Pay attention to the colors and patterns typical of the 80s for Max's clothing. Plaid patterns for flannel shirts, faded or washed-out denim, and simple yet bold graphics on t-shirts are all suitable. Accessorize with items like a digital wristwatch, a backpack, and, most importantly, a skateboard, which is Max's preferred mode of transportation and a symbol of her independence.

Max's red hair is usually worn down in a natural, slightly tousled style, embodying her laid-back and effortless demeanor. If you don't have red hair, consider a wig that matches her hairstyle and color. Additionally, portraying Max's confident and somewhat rebellious attitude will add authenticity to your costume.

To enhance your portrayal of Max, adopt her confident, no-nonsense demeanor. Max is known for her straightforward attitude, her skills at skateboarding, and her willingness to stand up for herself and her friends. Phrases like "From now on, we're a party of five," or showcasing her skateboarding skills, can bring the character to life. Remember, Max is a strong-willed and resourceful character, unafraid to speak her mind and take action when needed.

About Max Mayfield

Maxine Mayfield moved from California to Hawkins, Indiana when her mother remarried. Neither she nor her step-brother Billy is too pleased about the move. But, Max decides to give the new town a go and finds herself in the arcade room playing Dig Dug. Later, Dustin realizes that someone under the name MadMax had beat his Dig Dug score and isn’t too happy about it! Max is a tough girl and you can tell that by how she dresses. She isn’t like the other girls at school. She’s brave and adventurous, which will most likely lead to her finding trouble during the second season of Netflix’s Stranger Things.

When Max came into science class for the first day and the teacher introduced her, Dustin Henderson quickly realized she was the one who beat his score at Dig Dug! The group of boys follows her after school to figure out more about her, but they creeped her out and she left a note saying so. Though Max is a major new character in the show, there’s no telling what surprises she’s going to bring to the show.

Max Mayfield

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