How to Dress Like Mavis Dracula

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Black Tights with Red Stripes
Turtle Neck Dress
White Foundation Makeup
Black Lipstick
Vampire Fangs
Fishnet Gloves
Short Hair Wig
Red Boots

Best Mavis Dracula Costume Guide

Mavis Dracula is one of the central characters in the hugely popular Hotel Transylvania films, where she is voiced by Selena Gomez. In the first film, Mavis is shown as a ‘teenage’ vampire, about to have her 118th birthday and she is keen to see the world outside of Hotel Transylvania. Her father, Dracula (voiced by Adam Sandler) has always been overprotective and taught her to fear the human world, as Mavis’ mother Martha was killed by humans.

Not only does she get to see the outside world, but she also marries a non-vampire, has a baby with him, and travels on a monster-themed cruise in Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation. If you want to have some blood-sucking fun dressed as Mavis Dracula, you’re going to need to get yourself a Turtleneck Dress, Black Tights with Red Stripes, Red Boots, Short Hair Wig, Fishnet Gloves, Fangs, Black Lipstick, and the essential ingredient for any vampire costume – White Foundation Makeup!

Mavis Dracula Cosplay Costumes

If you love Sony Pictures’ Hotel Transylvania series of films as much as we do, then you’re going to absolutely love the chance to cosplay the cute character of Mavis Dracula. The cosplay world is full of dark and scary vampire characters – even some less scary, sparkly ones, but here’s your chance to do something different and put a more light-hearted spin on the classic Dracula tale.

With the popularity of the Hotel Transylvania franchise, we’re sure you’ve got some friends who will want in on the action once they see your awesome Mavis costume, so how about having them join dressed in other favorite characters like Adam Sandler’s Dracula, Mavis’ husband Johnny, voiced by Andy Samberg, Frankenstein’s Monster, or even the lovable child Dennis Dracula. Make sure you upload your Mavis Dracula cosplay pics to the site and show off your hard work!

Mavis Dracula Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of “Hotel Transylvania” with our Mavis Dracula costume guide FAQ. As the beloved vampire daughter of Count Dracula, Mavis’ look is a blend of gothic charm and modern teen style, making her an exciting character to emulate. In this guide, we’ll answer your most common questions about recreating Mavis’ iconic look, perfect for fans who wish to capture her unique vampire flair.

Mavis Dracula's signature outfit is both simple and stylish. It consists of a black, short-sleeved dress that ends just above the knees, paired with black striped tights. She wears red Converse-style sneakers to add a pop of color. Her look is completed with her short black hair with bangs, giving her a youthful and modern appearance.

To emulate Mavis' vampire look, focus on pale makeup to mimic her undead complexion. Use a light foundation and a bit of blush to create a natural, undead look. For her eyes, opt for smoky eyeshadow and apply false eyelashes to achieve her wide-eyed appearance. Don't forget her small, pointed vampire fangs!

Mavis has a distinct short, black hairstyle with bangs. If your hair matches this description, style it to be straight and sleek. Otherwise, consider a black wig cut in her style. The key is to keep it simple and youthful.

While Mavis' outfit is quite minimalistic, you can add a few accessories to enhance the costume. Consider a bat-themed hair clip or a spider-themed piece of jewelry. If you're feeling creative, a small, plush bat or a prop of her favorite "scream cheese" could be fun additions.

Adding quotes can make your Mavis costume more authentic. Here are some memorable lines: "I'm Mavis! I'm 118 years old!," "Holy rabies! This is so cool!," "Dad, you said that when I turned 118, I could go out into the world like every other adult to explore and make my own life.," "You're human, I'm a monster. It can never work out.," and "Blehh, blehh-blehh!" These lines perfectly capture Mavis' curious, lively, and endearing personality.

About Mavis Dracula

Mavis Dracula is the only daughter of the legendary Count Dracula and Martha. She lost her mother at a young age when humans set their house on fire. However, her father saved her and escaped, building Hotel Transylvania to keep them safe from the human world. She was warned for her whole life about the dangers of the world outside her castle, but this only fueled her desire to see the world. Her father finally allows her to go to the local village, but she is horrified to find the humans are just like her father had told her.

Before long though, a human named Johnny ends up at Hotel Transylvania and despite their differences and her father’s warnings, she falls in love with the human. Throughout the movie series, she not only falls in love with Johnny but also marries him and the couple then have a child who is named Denis Dracula.

Mavis Dracula

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