How to Dress Like Matt from Death Note

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Beige Fur Trim Vest
Red and Black Striped Shirt
Yellow Lens Goggles
Black Gloves
Blue Cargo Pants
Black Boots
Single Hole Belt

Best Matt from Death Note Costume Guide

Matt is a supporting character from the popular Death Note manga series. Raised in Wammy’s House, the same orphanage as main characters Near and Mello, he is longtime friends with Mello and offers to help in the Kira case. Matt is highly intelligent, one of the smartest children at Wammy’s house, but can be a little lazy. His love of video games should make him an easy character to identify with. Get the look of the looks of the technology-loving manga character with this Matt from Death Note costume guide.

Matt may only be a supporting character in Death Note, but he has a really cool look that you will love to cosplay. To get everything you need, wear a Red and Black Striped Shirt, Blue Cargo Pants, Single Hole belt, Yellow Lens Goggles, Black Boots, Black Gloves, Beige Fur Trim Vest, and carry a Handgun.

Matt from Death Note Cosplay Costumes

Death Note is an amazing Japanese manga series, and one close to the hearts of all anime fans. So, of course, you’re going to love exploring all of the characters in the series, not just the main protagonists. Matt, Mello’s friend, and a fellow orphan at Wammy’s house has a smaller role in the series. Matt’s outfit, however, remains popular among cosplayers worldwide. His casual look sports a striped shirt, fur-trimmed vest, blue cargo pants, and a pair of yellow lens goggles.

If you love the series and have some pals to join in as Near or Mello, why not group cosplay and transform yourself into Matt? The best thing about Matt is he has a slightly different appearance between the manga and anime versions of the show. This costume guide focuses on his anime look, but you can always swap out his black and red striped shirt for a black and white one to get Matt’s manga appearance.

Matt from Death Note Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the dark and intriguing world of “Death Note” with our costume guide FAQ for Matt, also known as Mail Jeevas. A lesser-known but beloved character among fans, Matt is known for his laid-back demeanor and sharp skills in surveillance and tracking. This guide provides key insights for those looking to embody Matt’s unique style, perfect for “Death Note” enthusiasts who appreciate the subtleties of every character in the series.

Matt's outfit reflects his casual and somewhat underground lifestyle. The core components of his costume include a striped, long-sleeve t-shirt, typically in green and black or red and black stripes. He pairs this with loose-fitting, dark-colored pants or jeans. A key feature of Matt's look is his vest, which is often a camouflage pattern, signifying his role as a skilled tracker and observer. Matt is also known for wearing goggles on his head and a pair of fingerless gloves, adding to his tech-savvy and edgy appearance.

Matt has short, messy brown hair, which can be styled with a bit of gel or mousse to create a slightly unkempt look. This hairstyle is fairly easy to achieve and is perfect for capturing Matt's relaxed yet alert character.

Matt wears practical, comfortable shoes, such as sneakers or combat boots. These should be in a dark color, like black or dark brown, and should look worn-in, reflecting his on-the-go and adaptable lifestyle.

Essential accessories for a Matt costume include his signature goggles, which he often wears pushed up on his head. These goggles should have a slightly futuristic or techy design. Additionally, a prop cigarette can be included to mimic his smoking habit, though this should be done responsibly and with consideration for cosplay rules and regulations.

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About Matt from Death Note

Matt’s time in the Japanese anime and manga series Death Note is short, but not lacking in importance. He is characterized as highly intelligent, particularly with technology. However, he is also seen as lazy and lacking motivation. He would prefer to be inside playing video games rather than being outside in the world.

Matt acts as Mello’s assistant in the hunt for the figure referred to as Kira and is ultimately called upon to monitor the activities of some suspicious characters. His main importance in the show, however, is distracting Kira bodyguards, allowing Mello to kidnap Takada in search of information. For his actions against Kira, Matt meets his untimely demise.

Matt from Death Note

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