How to Dress Like Master Roshi

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Master Roshi
Men's Tropical Hawaiian White Floral Shirt
White Beard
Dragonball Z Yellow Necklace
Gandalf Staff
Textile Color Fabric Paint
Men's Casual Classic Fit Beach Shorts
Super Mario Cosplay Plush Bag Turtle Shell Bag
Quiksilver Men's Haleiwa Flip-Flop

Best Master Roshi Costume Guide

Dragon Ball’s Master Roshi is a timeless character to cosplay, not to mention fun. Follow our guide, and we’ll have you looking the part in no time! We recommend a pair of Retro Style Classic Sunglasses and a White Beard for starters. A Men’s Hawaiian White Floral Shirt over a pair of Men’s Classic Fit Beach Shorts will take care of his clothing.

Now onto the accessories. We suggest a Dragonball Z Yellow Necklace, a Gandalf Staff and a Plush Turtle Shell Bag. Some Textile Color Fabric Paint can be used to add any details to his shirt or shorts. You can cap off your look with a comfy pair of Quicksilver Men’s Haleiwa Flip-Flops to emulate his laid back style.

Master Roshi Cosplay Costumes

A perfect character for bald headed people to cosplay, Master Roshi’s shiny pate can be recreated using a stage grade bald cap. While you’re at your local costume shop picking up a faux beard, look around for matching eyebrows to stick on as well. His necklace can be purchased or made, depending on your level of creativity. While any white pair of shorts will do, you can also opt for a plain orange shirt with which you can use fabric paint to add the strange alphabet pattern Master Roshi is fond of.

A purchased staff or even a found tree branch will make a decent walking stick. As far as the shell back he wears, this can also be purchased at a costume shop or made by more creative cosplayers. If you’re hitting the convention circuit as a group, Master Roshi would be in good company with his former martial art students, Yamcha, Goku, Gohan or Krillin. Be sure to check out our featured pictures for more style ideas. We also welcome your pics as well!

Master Roshi Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a journey into the world of “Dragon Ball” with our detailed costume guide FAQ for Master Roshi. This guide is tailored to help fans and cosplayers alike in capturing the unique and memorable style of the wise and often comical martial arts master. From his distinct attire to his signature accessories, we cover the essentials for creating an authentic Master Roshi look that’s perfect for conventions, parties, or fan gatherings.

Master Roshi's signature look includes a light-colored, tropical, short-sleeved, button-up shirt with a Hawaiian or floral pattern. He pairs this with dark-colored pants or shorts. Essential to his character is his turtle shell backpack, which is a symbol of his status as the "Turtle Hermit." This can be created using a large, rounded, green backpack or a custom-made shell.

Master Roshi is rarely seen without his iconic round, tinted sunglasses. These are a crucial accessory for his character. The glasses should have a thin frame, and the lenses are usually a dark green or black. They add to his wise yet quirky persona.

Master Roshi has a thin, white beard and a bald head. To replicate this, you can use a bald cap if you have hair, and either grow a beard or apply a fake white beard. The beard should be kept relatively short and well-groomed to match his typical appearance.

Master Roshi typically wears simple flip-flops, reflecting his laid-back lifestyle. Additionally, he is often seen with his walking stick, which is a simple, wooden, and slightly curved at the handle. Carrying a walking stick will add an authentic touch to your costume.

Embodying Master Roshi's character in cosplay can be enhanced by using some of his memorable quotes. Here are a few: "You're only as old as you feel.," "The road of training is a long one.," "Sometimes, we have to look beyond what we want and do what's best." "Patience, young one. Let your mind be as calm as the still water." and "With great power comes great responsibility." These quotes reflect Master Roshi's wisdom, humor, and his role as a mentor and teacher in the "Dragon Ball" series.

About Master Roshi

With a name that means Invincible Old Master, Master Roshi has a bit of a naughty reputation. With his love of women in all forms, on television, magazines or in person, he believes he is irresistible to them. However, despite his deep interest in the opposite sex, Master Roshi is a kindhearted man. He has plenty of time to perfect such a personality especially as he is over 300 years old! He lives on delivered pizza and spends his spare time watching television, playing video games, reading and taking naps.

You would be mistaken to take his laid back persona for weakness. He is strong, a master and dedicated to training his students in the way of the Turtle School. He treats those around him like grandchildren, showing them the love and kindness they sometimes need. Though he appears calm and enjoys life’s simple pleasures, he’s a warrior at heart and will fight and die for a cause he believes in. But not to worry fans, while he has been killed a few times, he always seems to be revived again!

Master Roshi

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